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  1. Haven't seen anyone here latley. Here is a new one. Thoracentesis.
  2. adenomyosis = Benign invasive growth of the endometrium into the muscular layer of the uterus. next word= mastoptosis ( 2 words)
  3. sorry, I meant some one else when I was reading posts.
  4. rat, Michael, check messages? Back to hippus.
  5. I found yours interesting. Platypnea- Shortness of Breath, only when patient is upright or is seated. enter-
  6. Got to do what EMS49393 posted. . . exencephalia. Exencephalia: A congenital anomally in which the brain is located outside the skull. ( cool but freaky to see. ) Micheal, You're right. you asked me: Did you mean umbilicated? Yes I did. the word Unbilicated is not listed in my book. Liesen's Encephalopathy--- I looked only at Encephalopathy. Generalized, not loacalized brain dysfunction. Lets' back up a bit. . . My other word went unanswered. Lets' keep up the responses! :wink: Chilomastix mesnili
  7. Term called for Molluscum Contagiosum; A rash composed of small dome-shaped papules with a central crater that is said to be unbilicated, (belly button shaped.) Cheesy (caseous) material fills the dimple's core. A pox virus causes the rash which can spread among children and young adults. >PER Tabers Dictionary, Pages 1376 - 1377 Click and scroll to see book I love this book we are using in class! http://www.fadavis.com/tabers/index.cfm Chilomastix mesnili
  8. WE have a building by us who i Dyna-Med. All they sell is medical supplies and occassionally you'll see new and used squads for sale.
  9. In the class I am currently in, We are going over medical terminology and abreviations. I would say that both are welcome. Please no mnemonics. angio
  10. To help keep knowledge sharp, I thought about a medical terminology game. After the person is right, that person can put the next one up. I'll start. _ a
  11. neither. We call ours squads. We have 2 ford vans and 1 ford mod.
  12. theres' a thread of it in the apparatus section.
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