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  1. I would suspect that the question is in fact aiming for ADA compliance , it doesn;t ask for further details becasue they would be got when you completed your occupational health screening form / had a pre employment medical with an Occ health RN / Doc
  2. page 7 of the O+H brochure linked below picture and 3 d rendering of a typical UK A+E layout http://www.oh-vehicleconversions.co.uk/uploads/files/PTS_Ambulance_Low_res.pdf
  3. generally in the UK vehicles the (second york type cot used as a ) bench seat was replaced with 2 forward facing or rotating seats
  4. i wonder which engine/ state of tune those complaining about Sprinters being underpowered are inflicted with , there are 2 or 3 different engines and 2.1 l engine is available in a number of power outputs from 90 to 160 PS ... wioth the larger *19 models being the six cylinder engine
  5. the UK has rarely had benchs in the back of ambulances moving directly from twin cot vehicles to single cot and forward facing seats / turntable seats ...
  6. a badge offers nothing over an ID card unless there is a specific piece of law that requires it and gives some sort of 'power ' becasue you have it the badges worn by most US police officers usually include their badge / warrant number and show that their powers are legit another random badge from galls or whoever means nothing
  7. also a lot ofthe dedicated paeds vehicles around and about are PICU / NICU retrevial / transfer vehicles rather than high need / specialist PTS the original article appears to be behind a paywall
  8. that sums it all up there is often ganshing of teeth and wailing i nthe UK as there qualifications held by military medics in the UK didn;t transition to the EMS qualifications especially in the 'closed shop' era of IHCD - now it;s a case of not having the Educational stuff the HCPC require for paramedic. the MOS /CEG for military medics is very wide from people working in similar roles to paramedics ( and in some cases holding a paramedic qualification ) through to someone who is effectively a Primary care practice / hospital adminstrator with an EMT cert or a 'Canvas M
  9. I don't think that there are any Equality Act / ADA issues here; - the issues there are the blanket " no diabetics in patient care roles " which have been all to common in the past IF there are reasonable adaptations in place they are inadequate to his carrying out the role he is in post to do suspend pending Occ Health Clearance. If he can;t get OH clearance you are free to have him removed from post and there is no chance of sucessful comeback if it;s properly done
  10. the Commonwealth experience with community paramedicine is generally positive, however the educational stuff was far less of an issue as the development is AFTER education and/or Health Professional registration for paramedics was in place.
  11. EN 1789 is the europe wide standard for ambulance designand safety http://www.dft.gov.uk/vca/additional/files/vehicle-type-approval/ambulances/vca058.pdf
  12. to suggest it;s an IPC issue is also laziness there are various types of impermeable cover available for pillows to go betwee nthe pillow and the pillow case as well as those pillows designed for institutional use whose cover is impermeable these are wipe clean, you should be wiping the stretcher down and changing linens between runs on an ambulance used as an ambulance - if you are doing event cover you can usually get away with 'elephant's loo roll' over the cot linen for most 'none dripping' casualties...
  13. *thump* * thump * *thump* ♫ another one rides the bus ♫
  14. this is nearly 20 years ago and also reflects the physician centric model of of the SAMUs and healthcare in France in General plenty of dead end in 'stay and play' in other Systems so you have at least a full years of anaesthesia and Intensive care Medicine training do you ? ( Registrars in EM in the UK have that as part of the Acute Care common Stem PGY 3-5) plus the potential to have done an anaesthetics job in their FOundation programe (PGY1+") and anaesthesia stuff in higher specialist training surgical skills ? chest drain , surgical airway, amputation, crash Sectio
  15. Health tourism as a measure of 'failure' in a health system is a bit of a fake measure how many Canucks or Brits travelling out of the their home country for 'medicla treatment' are going for purely cosmetic procedures because the in -country price is too high , and how many are gong for convenience becasue of percived long waits for elective procedures or becasue they don;t meet meet the criteria for referral yet ( and these clinical criteria aren;t always solely cost / demand related clinicla criteria but have very good basic science basis )
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