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  1. Special forces /operations is a male only profession regardless of how politically incorrect it may seem. Somedic sends.
  2. Terri: Everyone in my unit is active military. I cant see how anyone in my unit could do such a thing since all of us were selected to be where we are. This assclown lied to his civilian employer and got away with it for a while...I bet no one thought to ask him to show his CAC card (military ID)! with love Somedic
  3. Terri Love: He may have been drawing a paycheck from his employer while he was off on his contract job. He may have been telling his civilian job that he was on active duty. Again any employer can find out the reserve military staus of it's employees. They, In this case they did not do their home work. I wonder if they ever asked for a copy of his orders or who his unit POC is? This does not take awy from the fact that this retard is a bad person and I hope he gets the full service ass rape in prison. Somedic Sends
  4. Good work: You got the easy part over with . Apply to PARAMEDIC school ASAP. Somedic Sends
  5. I agree with what you are saying but this whole thing is married in to greed as well. If he was a contractor he made good money and probably drew a payc hech from his civilian job as well. The Fake, phony hero crap is all bad but it was just icing on the cake for him. Somedic Sends
  6. What an assclown! But I can tell you all this much: His employer is at fault as well for not demanding to see his activation orders or for even having a contact number from his unit. Even reserve component Special Forces units have commercial phone numbers that any one could call to check an employees story or verify their membership in a unit. This assclown was greedy and got caught trying to get two big paychecks all the while throwing in the "Special Forces-Secret mission" sexy warrior crap to make himself look good. Somedic sends.
  7. Steven (nremtb) Im ....ROTFLMAO!!!!! Somedic Sends.
  8. nremt-b: Either set your sights on on Hollywood or enlist. I don't think a job as a "BLS Specialist" is going to be high speed enough for you. Just so you know for sure...We don't wear black Thats a Chuch Norris thing. I do like my velcro though. Oh! (I almost forgot ) I happen to have some friends in IMERT that also read this forum and cannot figure out who you are...........But hey let me stop being "cold and misinformed" . Have a nice day. Somedic Ends.
  9. If you feel this strongly, I suggest you quit typing rambling posts here about how you feel, loose weight, get in shape and enlist. Go serve the country you love so much. There will be a continuous need for medics for a long time to come. It's great you are so emotional but do something about it like some others of us on here. Somedic Sends
  10. Dust: Also with the SOF-Ts you just know that metal windlass wont break. I have never seen it but I have heard of CATs breaking. I think I will carry the MATS to apply to patients myself. The guys I work with will still carry SOF-Ts since they have been "over trained" on self application. The more I think about it Dust...You would look really good in MultiCam... Somedic Sends
  11. Doc: I hope to be in Tampa for SOMA as well. Dust: Thanks for bringing fashion and glamour to this thread. Where is the "stiff upper lip" and "steely eyed-thousand yard stare" :wink: Back to TQs: After a day or two of plying around with them and having my guys try to self apply them-Im not impressed. the strap falls of really easy. I do like the wratchet drive but it sounds like an MP-5 during when you turn the wratchet handle. Again I'll have SOF-Ts and CATs at my disposal so I got options. Somedic Sends
  12. Doc: I actually got my hands on that study you posted about earlier today. I have mixed feeling s about it One thing I found during training today was that the MAT pinches into the skin. This may or may not be a big issue to a patient with a traumatic amputation or other injury requiring a tourniquet. Doc: You probably would look cool in MultiCam. Don't rule it out. Somedic Sends
  13. Thanks Dust! I knew you would have some good input. Somedic Sends
  14. For my upcoming deployment (7th since 9-11-01) I will be carrying some MAT tourniquets (Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet). I have experience using the SOF, CAT, and NATO tourniquets as well as the old stick and rag routine. Does any one on here have any experience with MAT in actual application? If you have actually used one, how effective was it? I will have access to CATS and SOF-Ts as well as MATs but want to know of anyone's experience with them. Thanks for the help. Somedic Sends.
  15. As far as Pt treatment goes: ABCs Consider r/o spinal injuries. Splint leg. Mark bite area with a blue sharpie marker to establish swelling/on going envenomation if any . IV access with a saline lock. Notify recieving hospital of situation so that they may begin stocking up on Cro-Fab or other antivenom meds(if not contraindicated by pregnancy) This would be a good call for a SKED litter. ATVs could be used to move pt depending on terrain and resourses. Somedic sends
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