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  1. read all labels before you use anything..... use your own judgment about your co-workers......instead of someone else's always...always...always be responsible for YOUR equipment.....never trust that someone else took care of it (this is a repeat, but is that important) talk to your partner and get to know them......before you go on that first call!!!! and most important.....clean up your messes, i hate cleaning up after someone because they are to lazy to do it themselves good luck, and try to have some fun!!!! madmedic
  2. after 13 yrs in this field I'd have to say that i disagree with Ridryder911...........i do love my job!! no, no wait i hate this crap........nooooo i do love my job!!!! oh hell, where's my Prozac.....damn it!!! i can't make up my mind.....lol seriously though everybody above it seems has stated the same thing I'd say as well, but i don't just see it stopping at EMS...it's medicine all together. I'd also agree with dusty, that it's nice to see a newbie that is actually researching a career jump......instead of doing this for glory!!!! welcome to the city!!!! madmedic
  3. ummmmmmmm lead wow that was real hard............lol madmedic
  4. you medics can't save lives you emts are dumb and who the hell needs the fire department but don't forget the glucagon nows thats how you post on Emt City..............lmao madmedic
  5. opinions are like ass holes.........so I'm sharing my ass this is in bad taste.......never forget 9/11............... 343 me and MY 1st amendment right!!!!!!! madmedic
  6. sorry scaramedic....i have no clue, but wanted to through this one out there.... "and then............oooooooo and then"
  7. has anyone mentioned baby powder in the defrost vents, then setting the defrost to turn on when the truck is started? not a good one for 911 services, but a good private service prank madmedic
  8. 6-10 needing nitro i think.....no just getting older....damn it
  9. oh my god that is disgusting..........where the hell did you get that? that's just gross!!!!! madmedic
  10. http://healthlink.mcw.edu/article/922987366.html don't know if this will show up....still crawling out of the cave with this computer thing...... let me know if it does not, i saved the link. my next guess madmedic
  11. OK....keeping things simple res-26,pul-116 sinus tach,b/p-190/100, ls clear,skin-p/h/d, n and v, dizziness, 2 weeks menstruation based off of the info given thus far I'm going to have to start an infection of some kind. i would need to ask more about some possible exposure issues.....where does she work, what does the house look like, her hygiene and appearance, what are her habits...... how does her abd present, any tenderness, masses, any discharge noted what are her orthostatci v/s? need a d-stick I'm also wondering if she is just lying still or any rocking back and forth? any noted rash, can she touch her chin to her chest? at this point it could be so many different issues to choose from, to make a guess. my thoughts go from the dreaded meningitis (which may be the easy answer i think....ace, lol), but how about appendicitis that has exploded long ago. for now I'm sticking with infection of unknown origin. I'm going to transport als, because that's what we do here...period, i don't have any other options treatments for now are going to be : iv, EKG, o2, trans in poc, and wait for further info
  12. turn the big guy in, get rid of him, fry the guy.....just don't want to be on video. i agree with not being drunk on the job.....want to be drunk, then take your butt home. gets back to the fact that we should be adults if we are going to take care of Pt's. anyone who can't hold up their end by staying sober needs to move on. i used to have a partner who was a drunk......i sent him home plenty of times and would do it again. just don't want to be on video was my point! respectfully madmedic
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