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    Family, EMS, SAR, spinning, weaving, snowmobiling, ATV'ing, almost anything new.
  1. Well holy crap!!!! Congratulations!!!! Wooo Hoooo!! =D> :D/ :cheers: :occasion5: :occasion9:
  2. You may go here to download a re-registration requirements brochure. http://www.nremt.org/EMTServices/rr_basic_history.asp I don't see where it is required that you take a 24-hr refresher course. I read that you have the option to complete the required credits *OR* take the refresher. Unless they have changed this and not bothered to update the website, then you have a choice.
  3. SARgal

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    weren't as talented
  4. I graduated my EMT-B class, passed and tested out last May. Because we are a low-volume agency, I take every and all CE classes I can get to and thus, have already acquired all but one of the necessary CE's to renew my license with the state. I can't imagine how many I will have at the end of three years! They're easy to get. In reviewing those credits last week, I began to wonder what the NREMT required and for the life of me, I have NOT been able to find that info on their website. I must be dumb and blind. Now, I'm sorting through this thread and am thoroughly confused. Can some
  5. I'm very impressed by your positive attitude, Beth. I'm sure you'll do just fine this time 'round. Good for you for keeping your chin up. SARgal
  6. Well, what i described is a handheld GPS receiver. Not a navigator. I have a navigator in my vehicle which is nice for finding an address, not GPs coordinates. I wasn't aware they made these in a handheld version. Although, I guess I can take it off the dash and carry it while it's on... Yes it has door to door directions. It also will display a map of where you are and highlights the road you must take to your destination. I STILL feel nothing beats a good paper map. Keep one as a backup. My vehicle navigator is also a Garmin. I find it takes a bit of time to input the address. M
  7. I use a Garmin eTrex Legend. It's the one with black and white screen and I would prefer the color. Color shows up better in most conditions. I'm not sure what you mean by the difference between it and a map. You really do need to know how to use a map, as well as know how to use a compass. This model has a map screen... if that helps you - also a compass screen. I use mine mostly on Searches. When we have our subject's coordinates (and they remain stationary) it is ideal. It'll take us right to the spot if satellite coverage is decent. Sometimes out in the woods, the density of the
  8. Our unit uses a tracking dog. He's not used on all searches, it depends on the circumstances.
  9. Although I didn't see these pants specifically, I was in the Duluth Pack store a couple of weeks ago and can vouch that all of their canvas stuff is softer than you can imagine it would be. Rugged, but not stiff. ok, ok, hold your comments! The leather goods were incredible and so very expensive. SARgal
  10. Stage 3, score of 104 I really did not have the 5 minutes it took to play this! LOL But it was a great escape from an otherwise scary-hectic day! :blob3: SARgal
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