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  2. Thanks to all for your advice, and it was not harsh. I do love him and I do support him for his passion to do his job. I myself,am not in EMS. I am getting my ABS degree in Early Childhood Ed and will work with Special needs children, so I too have the desire to help people, only in a different manner. I understand the medical stuff quite well. I raised a child with Battens Disease (until his recent death) and know some of the stress involved with our many hospital stays, feeding pumps, IVs, etc. It's not for everyone and I understand that. I will do as you suggested and write him a (nice) letter. I know for a fact he's building up time off and cash, etc. I'm not really worried about the two of us right now. No matter how tired he is when he comes in in the mornings, we go for a walk by ourselves even if only for half an hour. I'm more worried about my daughter. I don't want her to ever feel like he's neglecting her. When she gets up in the morning, all she wants is to see him and i have to keep her out of the bedroom so he can sleep. He does have 3 days off soona dn we're taking a road trip, a mini vacation so to speak, until he can request some time off. I do understand that people don't get ill on a 9-5 basis. Where we live, I hear the sirens all day and at all hours, and when my son was alive, I lived it firsthand....he was sick at all hours. My medic was burned out at home, that's why we moved down here. He was working several 24 hour shifts a week and hardly had time off. Granted he doesn't get much time off down here yet, but he is more satisifed with the work. Down here he keeps fairly busy and although it does wear him out, he loves it. Back home he'd go for hours without anything to do and be bored...hince his infamous 2am phone calls to me.! LOL! He does try to call as often as he can now when things get slow. And I've told him not to call until he gets his run reports finished and the truck back into order. I understand his work comes first and I have NO problem with that. If I don't hear from him until he's on his way back home, that's okay with me. I know he's not ignoring me, he's just busy. I do appreciate y'all that are in EMS. After raising a terminally ill child for nearly 8 years,I had to rely on EMS services quite often. I do admire y'all for what you do, the passion you have and care you give to others. All my love! XOXOXOXOX
  3. I've been living with my medic for 3 months, I'm still getting use to his hours. We just moved to MS from IN. Back home it seemed like things were slower and we'd have more time together. Down here he works 12 hr shifts nearly 7 days a week. When he is home, he's asleep. I see him maybe 2 hours a day and most of that time is grabbing a quick bite to eat, then he showers and is off to work. He occasionally calls when things get slow at work, but it's usually after 1am. I don't want to seem selfish, but I do want to spend more time with him. We're only down here for a year then we have the option of staying or moving to another state. On the off chance he gets a day off, he spends it catching up on sleep. I try to keep the house quiet, but with a (near) 3 y/o daughter, things are not quiet. I often feel like I'm raising her by myself. Not to mention the hurrricane BS. If one happens to hit, the kiddo and I have to evacuate while he has to stay here and work EMS. WTF? I know he likes the job and I can relate to others who get a little jealous when their s/o is working with a partner of the opposite sex. Sorry for rambling, just tired and frustrated. When we first came down here, we went to the beach, went out for lunch...we did stuff. Now we're lucky to get to the store to get milk without fighting about getting him out of bed. So ready to scream!!!!!!!
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