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  1. so im a new medic im working on earning some ceu credits to stay ahead of the game. problem im having is lets say the ceu credit says NREMT - Operational Tasks", "NREMT - Preparatory" ok so i log on to nremt, click manage education, add the course and all that but when i go to add it to required category and this is all it says under operations ..... so where does it get assigned? there such specific categories with all of them i dont know how to enter them??? help!! maybe its simple and im over looking it but i dont know how to correctly enter my credits into categorizes Operations: 6.5 Hours At-Risk Populations 0/1 Hours Assigned Ambulance Safety 0/0.5 Hours Assigned Field Triage—Disasters/MCIs 0/1 Hours Assigned EMS Provider Hygiene, Safety, And Vaccinations 0/0.5 Hours Assigned EMS Culture Of Safety 0/0.5 Hours Assigned Pediatric Transport 0/0.5 Hours Assigned Crew Resource Management 0/1 Hours Assigned EMS Research 0/1 Hours Assigned Evidence Based Guidelines
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