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  1. @emt2359 Where you are right there is a shortage in some areas but in most of those areas are volunteer run agencies. I have seen a lot of these areas moving to a paid staff. part of EMS's problem in the US I feel is Volunteerism in Emergency Services. With a wage increase and more opportunities will bring more people quality providers to the field. EMS needs to be viewed more as a Career, not a hobby
  2. I agree with Mike with a higher standard of education will come with more respect as a profession. With this I believe salaries will improve as well. I have an an AAS in Paramedic Technology, In the US that only really helps you in two states: Oregon where a degree is required to be a paramedic and Texas which leads to being licensed instead of Certified but you can work as a certified Paramedic. If you look at some international systems a lot have higher standards. For example in Canada where pay can be 2 to 3 times what it is here, just to become a Primary Care Paramedic, which is their equivalent to the US EMT-B it is required to obtain a 2 year degree once complete and after 3 years of experience they can move on to Advanced Care Paramedic which is an additional year of training. Places in New Zealand and Australia require a Bachelor Degree to obtain empoyment as a Paramedic.
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