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  1. Well my respect to the dead. The fact that he died doesnt change the fact that the comment he made was made in a moment of ignorance and showed lack of insight towards towards the medical profession. Even his rebuttle was lacking intellect. If you agree with his statement well. I take it you share his insight in the matter or maybe went to school together.

    Across our great nation we have Paramedics and RNs working as a unit together in as a team providing airevac services. Yet there is a dumb reasoning that one is better than the other.

    I speak as one who practices still as a field medic and an ER nurse. Same job different setting. I hold both profession to high reguard as equals. If he or anyone else feels less as a medic, blame the place where you got your training. This feeling is ussualy tipic al with Army Medic but it's mainly because the military teaches bare bone medicine. And I know this because I use to tech Bravo company medics. And the army curriculum leaves a lot to be desired.

    Once agian my respects to the dead but just because they died doesnt negate past ignorance.

  2. Well in tipical medic fassion. Its not dead until they are warm and dead. LMAO.

    I actually  didnt realize how old it was. I came a cross it online under a search engine but the fact  is that 11 yrs later there is still plenty if not even more animosity between Medics and Nurses.

    Nurses dislike the autonomy and scope of practise a Paramedic has and Paramedics hate how limited pay and utilized their practise is. 

    But hey at least someone read my reply. Lol


    No not at all. This site seems to be so underutilized. It would be a great forum for other topics, discussions or even free Ceus.

  3. To the moron who said Paramedics know just enough to look stupid has obviously not seen real paramedics in action or lives in a 3rd world country.

    I respect nurses and such I won't degrade them as a whole. But give most of them a ACLS exam and they will fail it. Give them a Wyd tube and wouldnt know what to do. Show them a vent and they will call RT for help.

    Remember our roles and why they were created. Rns were introduced to help and manage care in a hospital setting. Paramedics were created to substitute doctors who stopped responding to homes and scenes. Hence the name Para meaning mobile and medic deriving from medical doctor.

    I'm married a very competent nurse and know many of them. If Parmaedics scope was lesser why to they use them to transport MIcu or critical patients to a higher level of care. Hmmmm.

    In today's schooling medics are being taught Foley Cath, ng  tube and other nursing skills for a reason. If medics were lower than a nurse why did the nurses try and failed to block Paramedic from working in ERs  and icus in Texas.

    Knowledge is power and for those that don't know go and study.

    I speak as a EMTP & BSN.

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