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  1. I am there as a security officer but responding to medical calls and providing first aid/BLS is written into protocol (most officers are EMR certified). It is not a requirement of my position to act as an EMT, my question was only in regards to the fact that I coincidentally am an EMT who will be responding to medical calls. I'm not trying to perform any special care, other than preliminary care while waiting for EMS so I believe I should be legally sound in regards to acting without medical direction. I am assuming my care for the patient as similar to if I stopped on the side of the road for a vehicle accident, which I was told can result in abandonment charges if the patient is left with someone who has lesser medical training. I believe as long as I am not leaving the patient as Ruff noted, I should be fine, but I will contact the University's legal department to double check with them.
  2. Thanks for the response! I will be limiting my care to BLS and basic first aid as I won't be operating under any direction. Your answer was exactly what I was looking for and pretty much what I was expecting. Although the campus is fairly large and confusing, I will make sure to stay with the patient and have dispatch give directions/get a bystander to lead EMS in.
  3. I recently got my EMT cert, and while I do not work in EMS officially, I do work as a University Security Officer. Due to this, I am often responding to medical calls before the medics arrive on campus. Usual protocol is for us to assess the situation and take vitals/BLS if needed, but leave the patient to guide in the ambulance and bring the medics to the patient once they arrive on campus. I am wondering what liability I am in once I start treating a patient if I leave them to guide in the medics? Would this be considered abandonment if I get permission from the patient to leave?
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