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  1. This is my case and I am not sure what my next step is. See flow chart I found below, but I don't know if it is accurate:https ://mn.gov/boards/assets/NREMT%20Exam%20Chart_tcm21-28564.pdfI had 1 first full attempt (First Full Exam Attempt #1A) for the Paramedic psychomotor and failed 4 out of 6 stations. With remedial training, I then had a second full attempt (Second Full Exam Attempt #2A) at all 6 skills station. This time I passed 3 out of 6 skills stations. On the same day, I retested the 3 skills I failed and passed 2 of the 3 (Second Attempt First retry - 2R1). Because I had 1 skill that I still failed after my Second Attempt First retry - 2R1, I was told I had to wait and take the failed skill at another site/location on a different day.Finally, I retested my last skill (static cardiology) and failed; this last attempt was considered my 2R2 or Second attempt second retry.According to the flow chart, do I have to take an entire EMS course program again from the beginning? What would be the appropriate action for me to take regarding passing Paramedic NREMT Psychomotor registry?Thanks all who help.
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