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  1. Today I just took the NREMT paramedic level written test. It was very very very difficult. I know everyone says that it makes you feel like you failed no mater how good you did. I passed all the tests through paramedic school and feel that I adequately studied including 2 months of one of those online test prep sites. The test shut off way sooner then I was expecting which reading other forums could be a good thing or a bad thing. I called the NREMT to see the 2017 min number of questions to pass the test and the lady said between 80-150 and my test ended around mid to high 70 maybe 80 I was not really paying attention. I see other forums say that the ended in the 70's and passed but I dont know. I feel that the questions were either really easy or really hard. Every test I have taken in prep of the NREMT was had one or 2 key words that que you in on what is going on such as pin point chest pain or long flight with new onset SOB or some other word that you could say "hey this is a PE but a bunch of the questions had a set of vitals and what is the patient most likely having? It reminds me of those joke questions where they go "if you have 3 apples and 4 bananas, what color is the roof?" I felt like a good 60% of the questions were like this. I now have to wait through the weekend to find out how I did so no point on worrying.
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