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  1. Thank you for your response. Yes he mentioned my dad my name and his medical condition. My father had 24/7 Care by nurses in my home so there was no need for concern. The doctor came 1-2x a month. He simply was frustrated that he had to transport him 5x in 7 years and said i was using ambulance service as a "taxi". Every time he was transported he was admitted. I will take your advice and speak to the management of the company. I just feel like he overstepped his boundaries and defamed my character as caretaker.
  2. So i has come to my attention that an EMT who transported my father said to another person (emt but not in same Dept) that he felt my father had too many medical needs and was being transported to the hospital too much that we should place him in a nursing home. Is this a violation of Hipaa law?
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