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  1. Thank you for everyone who responded. I'm new to the site and wasn't really sure what to expect. Just to clear up a few things, I'm out of class already. We finished the program and we're doing clinicals after. My instructor said we had to call him if anyone died while we were doing clinicals, so I've talked to him already and told him what happened. At the time though, it hadn't hit me yet and I was doing fine. So I told my instructor that. The paramedic who was in charge of the situation (the paramedic I was assigned to) he was really upset about it and I'm worried if I talk to him about it
  2. Three days ago I had my first clinical experience. The first patient of the day was a transfer to a nearby hospital. I didnt learn anything from it except I hate transfers. We were just pulling back into the ambulance station and we got dispatched to a house fire. You could hear in the 911 operators voice that it was no joke. Turns out, there was a 4 year old boy in the house. We got there and the smoke was just pouring out of the windows and even standing 40 feet away it was very hot. We didn't know that there was a child in the house until a firefighter started frantically yelling for a medi
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