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  1. Hello & questions

    Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, working holidays can be tough. And, yes, I can agree that you become family with your co workers. I felt that when I did a rotation with a fire house. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
  2. Hello & questions

    Thank you medicigirl05. I kind of knew that it would all depend. I also kind of assume that there is seniority and that most newbie's will work holidays and weekends. Yes, I understand that this work does take a toll on the body and mind. I am actually looking for work in the back country. I will be getting my WEMT next. Thanks again!
  3. Hello & questions

    Hello EMT community. My name is Rexanne. I have just finished my EMT training and passed my NREMT. I am in hopes of networking and learning about the industry as a whole. If I may, I would like to begin with asking a newbie question. What does the typical schedule look like for a brand unexperienced "new hire"? I realizes that each company will have there own protocol. If you will, offer a general flow of new hires. Thanks! I also would like to move into the private sector and work for traveling companies. Does any one have any experience with international companies who hire EMT's for nature trips? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to learning.