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  1. Hello, I am just starting my EMT career. I am looking for recommendations in California for good EMS event services companies that have good reputations and have a high standard of practice. I have currently signed up with On Scene EMS services and Event Medics. Does anyone have other referrals or any feedback on this topic? Thanks in advance. Rexanne
  2. Hello all, I am sure this has been asked before, however, I am not finding it. So, what kind and brand of stethoscope would you recommend for a new EMT for riding in the bus and for athletic events? Thanks in advance... Rexanne
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. It is always good hear others feedback. I have began by reaching out to my favorite organizations and inquiring about there medical traveling teams. I will see what kind of feedback I get and go from there. Thanks again...
  4. Thanks. I was thinking that was the case. I just called the AHA and got connected with a association that is hiring.
  5. Hello ~ I am researching CPR instructor training. I am wondering if any of you have a referral on rather to become certified with American Heart Assoc. or Red Cross. And, do any of you have a referral on a good training center? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I would like to learn more about working for the private sector for individual clients and travel groups etc. I am mostly interested in working with a medic team that travels and manage smaller groups. I am wondering if anyone can offer a recommendation on how that works and where to start. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, working holidays can be tough. And, yes, I can agree that you become family with your co workers. I felt that when I did a rotation with a fire house. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.
  8. Thank you medicigirl05. I kind of knew that it would all depend. I also kind of assume that there is seniority and that most newbie's will work holidays and weekends. Yes, I understand that this work does take a toll on the body and mind. I am actually looking for work in the back country. I will be getting my WEMT next. Thanks again!
  9. Hello EMT community. My name is Rexanne. I have just finished my EMT training and passed my NREMT. I am in hopes of networking and learning about the industry as a whole. If I may, I would like to begin with asking a newbie question. What does the typical schedule look like for a brand unexperienced "new hire"? I realizes that each company will have there own protocol. If you will, offer a general flow of new hires. Thanks! I also would like to move into the private sector and work for traveling companies. Does any one have any experience with international companies who hire EMT's
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