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  1. Bahaha! I knew that number didn't feel right. I am sorry. I am very sick today and my brain is not here. We break around 1200. Between 0-5 calls a day. I apologize again. Idk what hit me today but yuck! Thank you for those ideas! I had not thought of that yet! I appreciate it! Thanks for checking my numbers. We are a slow paced service. We have a lot of time for community related things.
  2. Absolutely! We are small rural EMS service. The majority of it calls are elderly with exacerbation of medical conditions. We do run IFTs as well. We have a couple major highways in our district. We staff around 20-30 people. Our call volume is around 120,000 a year. Honestly we don't get a lot of the 911 abuse calls (the come change my kitty litter things) there are no community service projects immediately in our area about a 20 minute drive out of district will being to yield a small amount. And 45 mins out will yield a ton. Our major hospitals are 45 mins a way. Local hospitals are level 3 and 4s. we are extremely community oriented.
  3. No, that is just some PR, the well checks and such our community paramedicine includes home visits, follow up on disease processes, safety inspections, etc. interesting! Can you tell me more about that program?
  4. We do not have EMS in the schools that was one of my ideas to do a recruiting system and education days for younger kids. Our PR includes attending seniors events, hosting CPR courses for the community. Community paramedicine. We do health and wellness checks (vs and education).
  5. So you were just asked to submit ideas to boost your EMS agency in the community. What ideas would you submit. I have come up with a few ideas to play with but I am drawing a blank now. (Community paramedicine is already in place)
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