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  1. Forgive me if I sound conceited. Was not my intention. I work with a bunch of old men who all think the world revolves around them individually. So if an emergent situation came up none of them would care less to help they would most likely just stand there. None of them have any desire to learn any cpr at all. So your assessment of complete morons is correct. As a first responder i'm well aware of my scope of practice. And once I get to EMT im also aware of what i can and cannot do.
  2. I'm really not responding to calls so much as i'm just helping out per say. I work 12 hour shifts at my job and I already have helped a couple people here already. I don't look to get paid for calls more of a just being a good citizen since I have more medical skills than 99% of the people here. But thank you for your input!
  3. Hi I have posted on here before but the thread was somewhat old and my conditions have changed. I work in a steel mill as a computer operator, keeping track of all the computer systems and what not. But once i leave work I am also a volunteer firefighter and first-responder. My steel mill is rather large, so we do have our own fire department and ambulance service. However, the mill can be very tricky to get around and sometimes it takes a rather long time for them to find the incident. There's an EMT class coming up and i talked to my general foreman and explained to them that since I already
  4. Hi i work in a steel mill as a computer operator. but i volunteer as a firefighter and first responder and currently am in an emt b course. my job paid for it and i was wondering if once a get qualified if it would be ok for me to bring a jump bag to work being as they did pay for schooling and im here 12 hours
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