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  1. Unfortunately I've been down that road of suggestions it seems I am on my own but I know in the end I will be able to make the right decision and I appreciate your responses. it is similar feedback to what I received except for one group that I was vetting and that's why the question arose.
  2. No, I am not sueing anybody. I am head of first aid for youth sports, I am a volunteer and I'm trying to get our committee to hire either EMTs or athletic trainers. I am told EMTs can only transport but yet some leagues are using them? I'm being told by athletic trainers who cost more that they are the only ones that can make those calls. So I am just confirming what is true because this is my background.
  3. I am not an EMT. I know that possible concussions need to be seen by a doctor. I was told that an EMT can only provide basic life support and transportation for such an event. Here's a scenario, if a child comes off with a hit to the abdomen or possible fracture can an EMT determine that the hit to the abdomen does not require a doctor to take further evaluation or the same with the possible fracture?
  4. Is an emt qualified to make "return to play calls" at youth football games? I was told that they would be acting above there certifications if they made this kind of decision?
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