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  1. hey folks, brand new member here, about 5 minutes old. hate to start my time here off on the wrong foot, but I just found out I failed my NREMTP yesterday! the test shut off at 91 and I failed 3 of the 5 sections despite all my efforts, I have studied for it for 2 months solid, at least 100+ hours of study, I passed my hands on before that, I used ETPrep.com for a month, and was one of only 8 of the 55 people who started our program that actually graduated. I called EMTPrep and got a free month of the website, and started looking at the material and took a few tests, and I scored EVEN LOWER than before. Im at my whits end, and am pretty sure that I am just getting dumber... need some advice on how to study for this freaking thing, about ready to cut my losses and just apply at the hospital with my basic licence ( most likely better for my health and finances anyway, right). and how much is the second attempt at NREMTP? $110 that I just have laying around? or is it less for seconds? again, sorry to start my time here on such a bad note but I am in a terrible mood at this point.
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