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  1. Hi, I have a bit of a complicated question, but if anyone has any specific knowledge on state rules for Hawaii and Texas it would be helpful. So I was in the military and they sent me to EMT school, through the local college, at the time I was in Hawaii. I gained national certification, but never certified with the state because I was only working through the U.S. Coast Guard. I transferred a few times, went overseas, my certification lapsed, and finally ended up in Texas. I got out of the military, decided to get my EMT certification back and go to AEMT school. I took all the steps to get my national certification back up to date, which I now have. But am having a hard time getting state certification. I contacted Texas DSHS and they said if my initial certifying state (Hawaii) requires me to live in that state to get state certification with them, then I can have them send a letter stating that to Texas DSHS. But if they don't require that I live there, I have to get Hawaii state certification first and then I can go through the reciprocity process that way. I've tried contacting Hawaii state department, but am having a hard time getting through to someone who can help me. Is anyone aware of the rules in Hawaii? Or if Hawaii will even certify me at the state level since my qualification had lapsed at one point? I'm in a rush because I've already started the AEMT course and have until clinicals start to get my state license... thanks..
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