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  1. A paramedic education never ends. Every scene, every patient, every signs and symptoms, every intervention is a test. A chance to demonstrate how much they know and how much more they have to learn. As paramedics, we are required to be generalists across many specialties. Every time paramedics respond to extreme cases, from emergency births, road crashes, through various medical emergencies. Some paramedics abseil down cliffs or out of helicopters to get to their patients. Becoming a paramedic is the highest level of pre-hospital certification. Along with that level of certification comes the responsibility of helping people in need. Nevertheless, despite the best training and preparation for their roles, paramedics also experience loss of life, grief, and tragedies that are simply a part of life and the kind of work they do. The work can be exhausting, demanding, and difficult, especially when having to work on an irregular or rotating shift. The training and experiences help prepare them to make a difference to victims of heart attacks, blocked airways, traumatic injuries, childbirth, drownings, or care for those with a diabetic emergency or seizures etc. When you call an ambulance, you place your trust in the skills and abilities of the paramedics who attend, on what could be the worst day of your life. they have to carry the burden of the public’s trust, knowing that people’s lives are literally in our hands. Paramedics are able to sort the dangerous from the non-dangerous, ensuring vulnerable patients are presented to an emergency department without taking every single complaint they see and overloading the hospital system. This accuracy and balance is very important, and requires a significant investment in training and support. Okhegwai Timothy manager at medicsng.com or follow us on facebook Medics Nigeria
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