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  1. Thanks for all the answer. A smaller backpack is what we need, like some of you also use. I found these, I like the idea with the first one, you can attach it to a larger backpack: https://snigeldesign.nordicshops.com/product.html/medium-multi-purpose-bag--12?category_id=12 Or maybe this one: https://snigeldesign.nordicshops.com/product.html/small-specialist-backpack--10/11/12?category_id=12 We also use ZOLL, but are changing are system to ORTIVUS Mobimed Smart. They use it in all of the ambulances in North of Sweden. I think we´re gonna do like paramedicmike, one small bag with narcs/benzo. Then we dont have to carry the whole backpack, when "off-call".
  2. Hi there In our service, HEMS in North of Sweden, we are planning to get new bags. Now we have large not-comfortable bags with lots of things thats "nice". We use them to all kinds of mission; ICU-transport aswell as primary mission like snowmobileaccident/trauma, "CPR-mission". But our plan is to be more of a "load and play"-, instead of "stay and play"-organization. If you now what I mean. The idea is to have a smaller backpack with some drugs, ET-tubes+laryngoscope, IV-lines. The things we use most of the time. Anyone with similiar "needs"? Input? Pictures? Ideas?
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