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  1. Thank You, I am glad there are forums to discuss EMS with other professionals. *My indictment of the current state of civilian EMS is not a ccrtiticsim of EMT's. It is an criticism of the Status Quo, the buisiness practices of the companies involved, the insurance companies, and society as a whole for the economic conditions, complacency, and lack of gratitude expressed by the inadequate monetary value exchange for services rendered, which all compound together to resulting effect of the low pay and other issues for EMS Personnel. *Yes I did choose to do this as part of my larger career path, as several of the people I have met in EMS have also expressed to me, again this is not an insult to my fellow EMS Personnel, it is simply a statement of my career path. Perhaps my wording was misleading, I am at the moment extremely frustrated and angry. That anger will be channeled into determination to achieve further, attain new certifications and qualifications, and gainful employment in EMS, and also political efforts, such as meeting with union leaders and politicians to draft new bills to reform this industry and give better pay for EMS personnel. * I have always hated insurance companies, my indictment of them is not synonymous with shock or surprise, it is my hope that we will someday have new laws that will put them in their place and take away their stranglehold on society. * You may have assumed I am young naive, I could only wish that where the case, ha I wish my hairs where not already turning grey, and that I would still be young when I'm finally a doctor with young college girls on my yaught, I have had two careers before this, I was first involved in politics and then wanted a less contentious more relaxing life in agriculture, I was not fulfilled in that and after my fiancee died in Iraq, and a few other life events happened I made a career change last year when I decided to become a Doctor. I will retire when I die. Only death can defeat my ambition.
  2. * I never wanted to drive the ambulance to begin with, however I was willing to do it as part of the job, now that some insurance company says I can't drive I am even more upset about it... and I absolutely will drive an Ambulance to prove them wrong, and I absolutely will also be involved in whatever politics I have to in order to draft bills that mandate proffessional drivers for paid Ambulance service. And when I am a six figure Doctor I will own an EMS Company and will treat our EMT and Paramedics with the highest respect, and we will have professional drivers who's sole job is to drive, and if my bills don't become law well that just means my company will be pioneering new ground. I Am In It To Win It. I may have some insurance company in my way today but I'm the long run I will not be defeated by anyone. I am enamored with a level of determination that is as uncommon as it is unyeilding. * I know there are multiple Unions and Associations involved in EMS, I assume they are not very strong and not very united and that a lack of strong solidarty exists. Your statement about unions is merely an opinion. My opinion is Unions are the reason that children aren't mining coal and why my Grandfather is living a good retirement as a former steel worker. Which is of course merely my opinion, once could also say my Grandfather doesn't waste money on frivolity. * From what I understand the volunteer services are mostly in towns that don't have a large enough populace for the tax revenues to allot for a paid Fire Department or EMS service. If the federal and state governments implemented and maintained half the infrastructure that should be in place those services could be Paid. * Having this or that ammount of hoops to jump through and this or that years of University to get into the field is not a valid measure of Respect. Patient x may not be alive any more because a ParaMedic gave him nitro-glycerine, EMT y gave him baby aspirin and EMT z monitored his Electro Cardiogram, and now his wife isn't a widow, and any children they May or may not have still have a father. And that is just one example of why EMS Deserves Respect. Yes that man may not have made it much longer if we dropped him off at home, instead of the Emergency Department where a Doctor and Nurses(who studied longer took over patient care, but those hospital personnel could not take care of their other patients if they had to play double duty as first responders. Yes they deserve more pay than us(and more than they currently make) but we still deserve allot more than what I've been offered so far and heard and read of so far.
  3. So basically everyone who replied disagrees with me. I'm not surprised, if more people in EMS agreed than we would have stronger unions and low pay rates would not be such a problem.
  4. Hello I just graduated, obtained my NREMT and state lisense, and I absolutely hate the state of the civilian EMS Industry. I did this to get experience and make decent money while I go through school to become a doctor, and I regret the decision. The pay is garbage, I make more waiting tables, and the insurance companies have the industry by the balls. A private company hired me, put me through orientation, signed me up for benefits and then called me three days later to tell me their insurance company refused to ensure me as a driver. That is not professional behavior for a medical institution, and it is disgraceful that the insurance companies in this country have the power to dictate buisiness relations with any health care institution. I have nothing serious on my driving record, I pay 30 bucks a month for car insurance. I have never had a dui or dwi because I don't drink and drive, my cousins uncle was put in a coma and died in my uncle's arms because of some scum bag drunk driver. It left quite an impression on me. We should have professional drivers and let medical professionals focus on actual medicine. The civilian EMS world is completely backwards. I'm considering joining the military as a medic, where I can be an actual medic not a driver, or working in another field until I am ready for my residency program. Still I may take a hospital job if the pay is worth it. If there are enough people in EMS who are willing to fight for change we can work with unions and lobby groups to pass new laws that will secure better pay and refine our job description. However browsing on a few EMS forums I see allot of complacency, and suck it up attitudes, and even people who think we should just do this out the goodness of our hearts.... First and foremost we are Medical Professionals, secondly there are allot veterans in EMS who risked their lives for their country, and third we litterally save peoples lives on certain calls. EMS deserves respect, pay that reflects our invaluable service to society, and being able to focuse on medicine not being expected to double as a driver. How many people agree and are willing to fight for our industry?
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