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  1. I find it amusing that when citing you use the incorrect/ older version of the DSM. Currently the APA uses the DSM V. Also you are singling out possible behaviors/symptoms. You do understand most likely you will never know if a person has ASPD. You won't even have a clue, you will be oblivious. The prejudice is amazing, out of pure ignorance. Do do you also fear people that have PTSD because there is a possibility that severs cases can manifest at different times? You avoid them, you show prejudice against them out of ignorance. Night as as well avoid driving too, since your family a
  2. I still don't understand why it is scary? I asked why it is scary and you reply with it "is just scary" I was hoping for a more informed answer and not the same word being used over and over with no backing as to why you have they feeling. Why is it "scary" as you put it? I had no specific thoughts about my diagnosis. I am who I am, and this is my normal. This is not a situation where I feel bad and then a mental health professional tells me what I have and how it can be fixed. There is no relief as there is nothing to be relieved from. When I need my car fixed, I don't care if the mechanic t
  3. My company and coworkers do not know. Also, they never will. I do what I can't blend in but a few know I am not like them but they don't know how or why. Ruffneister, you state it is "scary" how is it scary? I believe that people who put emotions into the mix are scary. They have the simple ability to neglect the physical,mechanical aspect of a human being. I can never see it how you do. TV shows violence,anger or malicious activity with people with a similar type of diagnosis.
  4. We all know running jokes about how we must all be crazy to do this job. There is a little truth in that to some degree. There is a stigma about working with a mental illness and how you can be judged for it. Does anyone have a mental illness? if so, how has it changed you as an EMS professional? Since know one truly knows who i am, I can tell you a little bit about me and my current situation. I have been diagnosed with Anti-social Personality disorder. I have a both psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. Usually a person has one or the other but this isn't always the case, and the severity
  5. lifts that use multiple joints/muscle groups. deadlifts,squats,cleans,pullups,pushups, running,stair climber,rower.
  6. the journey is more rewarding than many people realize. When you get to the position you are happy with you will have so many experience to look back on. It's great you have goals. "goals without timelines are just dreams"
  7. Well a lot of paramedics to eventually become RN's. As people age and priorities shift in life you never know where it will lead you. I'm currently a paramedic and in nursing school. There are so many options for you, especially once you get your "P"
  8. m3dic911


    I would like to introduce myself. I am an Army veteran. While spending 5 years in the military I was unfortunately hurt a few times. I spent my time in SOCOM and became close friends with many medics. These medics were far from ordinary in their skill sets. They motivated me to get my EMT-B at the end of my enlistment. I got my EMT-B in 2011 and in 2013 I got my paramedic. I did a fast track 4 month long program which was actually very nice and fit my style of learning(let the debates ensue). I have been working as a non-emergent paramedic and critical care paramedic for the past 8 months. Th
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