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  1. the two "friends" say that all they did was share a few bottles of svedka then decided to play tree tag. And you're very right rock_shoes, after "bobbie's" clothes are cut off they reveal an open mid-shaft femur frac (and yes, our bls bags carry oxygen and traction splints) the trauma assessment/ head-to-toe also reveals large thoracic blunt trauma left side about midclavicular, however no evidence of flail chest and no trach deviation, no spinal step-off either. other than that the trauma assessment reveals nothing more besides that our "unconscious" pt is responsive to pain as he screams like a banshee in the night when you go anywhere near his right leg. you struggle to bandage the wound and splint it but eventually medicine prevails! However one of the friends now seems concerned and yells at you whenever you try to touch him. the bird is 30 minutes out. vitals: HR 121 weak and threadyRR 7 weak and shallowBP 100/40SPO2 93%pupils are slow and unequal to reactand his BGL is around 135You start to package the patient but he repetitively vomits/goes into seizure/ respiratory arrest you have an OPA in and are bagging the patient. I know this is out of my scope of practice but what would you do from an als point of view? besides obvious sedation and intubation, what drugs would you push? I was thinking maybe dopamine and midazolam or lorazepam.
  2. The team with the unconscious kid says that there is a lot of bleeding coming from around mid shaft of his right femur, a large hematoma on his left forehead. Battle sign and "coon" eyes are also noted. Breathing is present and pt is responsive to pain. They tell you they're about to get vitals and start cutting some clothing. As for the other two kids they can walk down the hill they just may need some assistance from a member or two. As for drugs or anything else of interest at the scene you don't note anything, the two kids say that they were all drinking and playing in the tree when "Bobby" (not pt's real name) fell out of the tree and tumbled down the hill a bit. They don't seem very concerned...
  3. Apologies, in our system RP stands for reporting party/s, and yes we do have a trauma bag with bls supplies, thank you for the clarification for future scenarios. You and your group of first responders find that besides having a strong odor of ETOH the pt requires almost no medical assistance. After the group dealing with the kid in the tree finishes consulting her to come down they also smell a strong odor of ETOH coming from the obnoxious teen who repetitively asks who you are and why you're there. You request a bird which according to dispatch will be on scene in 30 minutes. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, it seemed time for another scenario so I figured id give it a shot. This is my first post so cut me some slack on the mistakes please, enjoy! You are dispatched as a part of a search and rescue team with 6 members including yourself. Within your team you have three first responders 2 emt's and 1 paramedic. The call comes in as a missing group of 3 teenagers somewhere on a hill, The RP reported hearing the teens sounding somewhat distressed on a hill but did not see them. Your resources are limited to a standard trauma bag minus an intubation or IV kit (Out of the SAR scope of practice), a titanium litter, a GURMA bag (Body sized vaccum splint backboard thing), and a technical rescue team at the ready with ropes and what not, you also have HEMS available to you. When your team finally arrives on scene at a large oak tree you find 3 pt's, the first is still playing in a tree, the second is walking around, and the third is unconscious laying supine on a log maybe 10 yards away from the base of the tree. All 3 subjects are on top of a very steep hill and getting them all down will be very difficult. (the scene is safe) What resources will you utilize? what resources do you need? how will you split up your team? any more info/ questions? Go! (Ran this call a few months ago and was just curious as to what you guys might have done differently)
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