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  1. Probably not a doctor. I wouldn't want to be that last person that the buck gets passes up-to. My uncle is a city medic and told me once I finish the class (since I'll know some of the basic stuff like iv's, ekg, etc, etc) come and do ride-a-long for a shift. So I might have to take that offer up! I appreciate the info. I like people who don't mind giving advice to questions that probably seem silly to them haha.
  2. Thank you thank you! Haha. I didn't mean to be too judgmental about the whole scissors thing, I was just saying it because a couple girls in the class were talking about how they'd be freaking out if blood starting spewing everywhere and wouldn't be able to handle it. BUT I suppose I'll have to put that to the side for now. I did see those fake arm things in class that you practice on. So hopefully that's what the first night will be all about. Also I sort of figured about the not taking needles thing. I heard about a kid in the last class that took a stethoscope and BP cuff home, didn't bring it back and got kicked out. There's actually a week we have to bring our own volunteers in to practice sticking on to be able to move on with the class. Appreciate the advice and info! :)
  3. Hello everyone! I know this question is not going to be EMS related that's why I picked this section here. But I can not find anywhere else online to answer my question and there is one forum site for this kind of question but from me looking through it the site looks barely active haha. But anyways I am about to start a phlebotomy class at my local college. It's a multiple part course I am taking that gets our IV cert, phlebotomy cert, clinical medical asst cert, and then also our EKG cert. We come out as patient care techs in six months with job placement. So I went to the orientation for the phlebotomy class and one of the instructors said that on the second official night of the class we will start sticking each-other because we have so little time to pick up the skill until till we go to the next course. Now there's some people in the class that I wouldn't even let hand me a pair of scissors, let alone stick me with a needle. Which I hate! I am not a baby about it but I do get pain out of it. So my question to those on here that have done IV certs and that start them daily as well as draw blood, how hard of a skill is it to actually pick up? How great of a danger is it that someone will go all the way through a vein? I mean is it like something you can feel that you've successfully made it into the vein and know how to stop, or do you just sort of figure it out by the gauge needle you are using? I know this isn't related to EMS (so sorry!) but I just figured there's people here that do this on the daily and are practically experts by it now! I'll appreciate any answers.
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