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  1. Looks like there are a number of options: College of Paramedics, University of Greenwich BSc., Anglia Ruskin University Bsc. I would contact one of the programs to find details about continuing studies as the programs seem fairly complete. I would imagine they offer options for continuing studies.
  2. It's a wonderful thing to be able to support others and even in their loss, it's important to accept our smallness and frailness in this world. Our work is to serve others the best we can and accept what we can't change. And as has been said, feeling is part of it. Crying, laughter and healthy breaks are the best ways to refuel. Don't try to become hard and keep things from getting to you, because that's when we turn into robots. Energy, perseverance and strong spirits to all this 2016!
  3. There are some salary surveys out there that should help you get a basic idea. II found one here that can help you get a feel for ems wages across the country. Good Luck!
  4. Once you take the class you'll be able to understand more and do more towards your EMT goal and career. I would advise getting started in your coursework first. If you're looking to improve your knowledge base, a great way (aside from the forum) is to conduct interviews with EMTs in your area. While doing volunteering, whether firefighter related or EMT ask about their careers, studies, etc so you have a better idea of what the options are and where they might take you. That will help you especially with area-specific things as they'll know the training centers and resources in your area. Great to see a young person taking it seriously and looking around for advice. Best of luck!
  5. I think if you're feeling brave you could try to do it yourself. There are lots of how-to videos and step-by-step guides out there these days. I've never tried it myself, but my tubing is getting worn too. It looks like you can pretty much just pull the tubing off by twisting it. If it's stuck, you can cut it off and use alcohol to clean off the rest of it. Then you twist on the new tubing and voila!
  6. You need to retake the course , to increase your chances to pass the test . Just making sure you will succeed try to be more careful next time .
  7. You can identify the IO site that provides the least amount of pain and has the best fluid flow rate
  8. I memorize terms then with a help from my sister she will make quizzes so I can understand . Anatomy and kinesiology is my favorite study
  9. Mobile stroke ambulance must be a part in this advanced world.
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