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  1. hey thanks for all the tips ladies and gents I appreciate it alot. well the truck that I was on was posted in a town far away from the station in attempt to push AMR's connectivity, so there wasn't much action. Actually there were two transfers of the same patient, to dialysis in the beginning of the shift and a return towards the end. But let me tell you how much of an idiot I am. We start to head out to a hospital to get some sheets when we first hit the road. I hopped out of the truck and went into the hospital to get the sheets and start for my return just intensely thinking about how the day is going to go, running all the tips through my head. I hop back into the wrong freakin truck that was parked right next the one I was in, didn't even realize there was two. I hop in and look up at two EMT's looking back at me from the front, "hey wrong truck buddy." Awsome first impression, an IDIOT. Well, I guess the lesson here is to not let your thinking about a situation get in the way of what is actually in front of you. over-analyzing a situation. Or I'm just an idiot and trying to make an excuse for it ha ha. Okay well, it was a good day, partner was quite cool, but not really used to most of those quiet moments when you have nothing to say. Thanks though for the comfort.
  2. well I am per diem for any south shore facility, friday I am working out of ovary street plymouth. I appreciate the advice so much, you dont even know.
  3. Yes sir, Massachussettes. And yes, it was 60h. Haha, I actually thought that was alot cause the minimum is like 35-40. Everyone was like "your still doing your ride time?!!! jesus!!" oh well.
  4. No I am done with 3rd ride time, It's going to be me and a partner. Tell the truth, I did almost 60 hours of ride time because I wanted to get my hands on an emergency, even riding with a CA truck I didn't. So my first shift, is on friday and I wish I had time to drive around, but unfortunatly I do not. I am per diem as well. I am also not sure about the call ratio.
  5. How's everyone been? I start my first shift in a few days (already completed applications and ride time) and I have to admit I am a tad bit nervous. Just looking out for some last advice if you would be so kind. Also wondering about all of your experiences for your first time. Thanks. J Also, is it much of a problem when you don't know the area that well? Problems with partners who don't know the way? I mean I know of the area that I am in, but for some reason my scheduler disregarded all the towns I wanted to be in and gave something that I am totally not familiar with...
  6. thanks for those who helped me out (I'm gong to keep up on them, just hopefully they don't get pissed). I have another question too, I was wondering, for someone new to EMS, which route is better: To work in the city (my case Boston) or in a smaller town? (although its weird because Weymouth is considered a city, but its more like a town) I want to so badly work in Boston, but there are people who tell me "wait until you get more experience" and then there are people who tell me "that's how you get your experience". But I think its time to ask the real professionals. How do you feel about that and what was your experience? Haha i also hear that city EMS really dislike young newbies... thanks. -john
  7. sweet. just called the HR in Natick, and it turns out i have to wait a month to get results back.....and so the anxiety begins....
  8. I went through with my interview in Brockton, but only for a Weymouth position. Thanks I'll give Natick a call, because i think the next orientation is June 5Th, I hope everything goes well by then. just so nervous ya know? thanks for the info!
  9. hello all. My names john, and i have a question for anybody who worked or has knowledge with AMR. i just had my interview and passed all the tests, gave my personal experiences, and took the physical/drug test. i passed the physical but havent had my results back for the Backround Check or even if i got the job yet. i was wondering to how long this process takes? i did my physical, the last that was required from me, 6 days ago. im just way too excited to get this job, and i was wondering anyone elses lengths of time they waited before they got thier job. im from weymouth, massachussettes
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