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  1. Hello everyone, it's my first time here on EMT City, just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Krystin, currently working in EMS in the Tampa, FL area. Hoping to meet and chat with a bunch of new people, crazy in love with this field like I am lol. Feel free to add me, message me or chat with me whenever you'd like!
  2. Good luck to you! Lots of studying and work, but with great rewards!!
  3. Best advice I was given when I first started in EMS was to always remember why you got into this field to begin with. There will be days when you're just tired, where you're physically, mentally and emotionally just exhausted; but if you're heart is in the right place and the passion to help others is your goal, those feelings will pass, and things will be a lot easier. Take " me days " and reset yourself, always be open to talking to Co workers and friends about things you see or feel and never for a second forget that you, just like your partner and your patients are all human. Lol, we all
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