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  1. I don't necessarily think the need for immediate cardioversion was really needed in that episode. At the top of memory I believe the pt was completely alert and conscious. Yet I don't know what kind of rhythm he was in or what the immediate risk was.
  2. An update! Hey ya'll I didn't mean to leave everyone hanging on here but I appreciate the advice! I've just been pretty busy. I'm loving every second of (except the seconds sitting around the station not doing anything that feels like years going by lol). But I only have three more weeks left before my final and psycho-motor skill stations! Plus I am maintaining an 87% average which puts me in the top 5 within our class I haven't gotten much more comments on my age except every now and then. I've practically met all the other EMT's in my area from talking with them at the hospital.
  3. Thank you much for the advice. I will for sure try out a gym. The stretchers are a tad heavier than I thought, especially even with the ones that go up on their own!
  4. Hey y'all! I'm Arabella from Maryland. I am currently enrolled in an EMT-B program with a vollie fire department in Eastern Shore MD. My class and I are at chapt. 28 in the pre-hospital emergency care 10th edition (not sure what everyone else learns from). We've basically finally moved from our A&P, legal/ethical, and medical assessment studies. We are now entering trauma assessment and care. We are also finally halfway through. I did have some questions about starting out, if that hopefully doesn't over extend my greeting? Q: If you could give any advice to an EMT student, what w
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