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  1. I know that that Chicago Fire is just a TV show which was made to entertain us. In germany its nearlly the same, most of the emergency calls we are being also taxi service. In germany we got an emergency doctor system. On an ambulance is one "Rettungsassistent" as Paramedic in charge and a "Rettungssanitäter" as EMT-B There is a second car for the emergency doctor, which is driven by a Paramedic. If someone calls with chest pain, a heavy car accident or a reanimation the doctors car will also go to the emergency. So when I am on the ambulance we also start CPR to a 99 years old man, e
  2. Hello guys, I'm Chris I'm 21 years old paramedic from Dortmund, Germany. I'm interested in the US emergency medical system since I have seen Chicago Fire. I was lookin in the Internet but I did found what I've been looking for so I desided to join your community. I wanna know what your have to do in the U.S. to become a paramedic? And during my search in the Internet i found many shortcuts as they are EMS, EMT, PIC-EMS, EMT-B, -I and -P, Paramedic and some more. For me as German its a bit confusing cause I don't understand what these are mean and which competences belong to them.
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