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  1. It is something that I have put serious thought in about going on calls and having that experience come up. It would put me in a bad spot and most importantly could effect the patient. The one positive thing I see out of it is I have yet to find a thing that triggers the panic attacks. So far they seem pretty random. Sadly no volley squad . This is why I am scheduling ride-a-longs with the local medics. Other options in medicine are also sort of being considered; I just wanted a take on being a paramedic in my condition from current medics. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey ya'll! I'm Jessica. I am currently majoring in political science and I am starting to lose taste for it. It was my original dream to get into law; although it seems like it is no longer the wonderful of a metier that it once was (or at least made out to be). So I was thinking about a major change! A little background: For a couple summers (note: a few years back) I volunteered in an ER and really enjoyed it. I was able to do little things here and there that I thought was fun (sort of corny sharing with EMTs/Paramedics) such as placing pulse oximeters, placing the blood pressu
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