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  1. out in new hamsphire i can help pt with giveing there owen but on teh same hand i will be calling als
  2. i kow what u mean i work for AMR and they dont care about us at all. Im srry if they burned u out in the NW we have rhem for the next 2yrs. Ur rite the only thing they care is getting ur dues and dont get anything done for us at all. We voted on ur 1st contrat they only gave us 1 day to look at it and vote they did move it and gave us a few more days, we all wrote lettlers saying we are quitingt eh uion adn must of us havent gone back im not b/c it crap and they dont care. Out in New Hamsphire
  3. i do belive that b/c as a basic we can see maybe something that they missed adn let them know well this is what i think and if u have a good medic not one of thoes dam azz paragods they should listen to what u think and trust a baisc. Ive worked with a few medics that thye thout someting and i saw something eles that they didnt and i let them know well maybe this mite be the problem and 9 put of 10 they do listen. So maybe a basic can maite a medic look better and that is what i try to do with my medics that i work with to make them look better
  4. i like the idea so that way u know who ever u work for will get paid at leat something.
  5. out here in new hamsphire we do it all the time and we havent got anything saying we cant but that is out there
  6. hello im not sure were u live but up here in NH must fire dep will pay half. I wrk for AMR and i know that they do there owen classes and there not that bad from i heard so that might be something to look in to hope this answer ur ??s
  7. I dont know were u are at, but up here NH all nursing homes SUX they dont beleive in calling 911 for pts that need to get to the hospatil a/s/p but they dont like the fact that if they do call they gett he fire trks and the ambos so yea its noting new. Most RN are burned out er rns ive seen
  8. hello im mustly on a van ambo witch isnt that bad but i guess i deal with what AMR gives us. Up here in NH must comps use the vans earier to maintain and easier to drive i think.
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