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  1. You guys are being very helpful and I appreciate the assistance. As for the military, I look forward to the life-long skills and education opportunities that they will set me up for. So, I'm trying to get in contact with the EMT program coordinator at the moment. I just need to find out if it is solely a EMT course as there isn't much information on the website. However, at the moment I'm sure it's just an EMT-B course. As for the Paramedic program I need to find out what their schedule is like. I'm assuming it will probably be 5 days a week. A little planning and coordination with
  2. Hey guys, I'm Jeff. I'm a 21 year old from southern NC (Fayetteville area) and I am interested in discovering some information on the EMS career. With New Years coming up I REALLY need to get some goals in place. I have a love for public service and emergency response careers (EMS, L.E. and Fire Fighting). I just want to find out the perks and the not-so-perks about being an EMS: Right now I am considering it as a long-time career. I have a few ideas of what I want to do at the moment but at the same time would like to get other people's opinions... Here are my options: 1) Attempt
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