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  1. Sir: if your into this job for reconition or a badge, youre in the wrong job. End of story. Cheers. Melody, Timothy K 0681 God Save The King.
  2. Hello from Michigan USA. I worked with German Medics and Doctors from Germany during thr Red Bull Air Races on the Detroit River. Very Smart and Had their stuff together. Very good airshow not a boring place. sat with the Doctor and Emergency Divers. Luck was on our side no problems. Cheers.
  3. I agree with Paramedicmike. carried a Swiss Army knife for many moons. Good Stuff.
  4. I spent 11 years on Active Service-as a Hospital Corpsman I had extensive training with Doctors, Nurses, Ect, Ect, Ect. Unfortunately in the United States- Military training does not transfer well with the Local Universities. I have the Training, but no College Credentials. I Had to retake EMT, EMT-S, and Paramedic all over again. Military Duty and civilian duty are two different animals. End of Story. I live in Detroit, MI- I should have got a work Visa and moved to Canada. Apparently our friends in Canada have a better Training Program then here in the States. Cheers. Hindsight i
  5. Thanks for all input. I will pass it on. I believe he is contacting the State of Michigan. Cheers.
  6. Hello, need some input, a friend of mine wants to go to emt school then Medic after a year or two- problem is he has 2 misdemenors on his record. Tresspassing and Public intoxication. What are your inputs on The State of Michigan granting him a EMT license. I told him the odds were not in his favor. ?
  7. Additional reading and training is always good as you say. Most insects will defend themselves if threatened. However if a spider is crawling over you while your sleeping and you brush it off-they may or may not bite you. I think thats why most Brown recluse bites occur during sleep. Reading up on the information 4 years ago thats is what I recieved. Never said anything about Blood suckers- I dont know where that came from. I am just describing injuries I recieved. My comments were off the cuff and very simplistic. I wasnt trying to open a thread on Spider bites. Cheers.
  8. I was bitten while sleeping, over a two night period. It at first just appeared to be some kind of a bite from a insect. KIlled 2-4 spiders that were lurking in the corner of my room. Looked it up in my medic book- and several insect books. Unfortunately they were confirmed Brown Recluse.The weird part was that they were painless, but what they do is something else to see. The venom breaks your skin down and the side affects are very unpleasent. I was staying in a old apartment at the time. Most people are bitten while sleeping, and the spiders become very aggressive in the fall and coo
  9. This goes back to the topic,,WHEN IN DOUBT-DO NO HARM. i BECAME A PARAMEDIC TO HELP PEOPLE. The Police are ussually first on scene. You want to shoot people, be a cop. end of story. Cheers. very blunt, but the truth.
  10. I,m 52- hang in there. I just saw a Fireman get hired at 50 years old, he was in better shape then alot of younger folks. I just recovered from a long illness- 5 bites from a brown Recluse spider. Still here, able to do my work. God has a sence of humor, trust me on that. Cheers
  11. Yeah, I took 5 hits from a brown recluse spider. One on each hip, my left thumb, and above both eyes. All in all, no Sepsis, all of my parts still attached. Not a fun time. Cheers.
  12. Going back to work after a 4 year illness, still here anyway. wish me luck and skill.
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