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  1. I myself have been through this....twice. I can tell you I have "retired" from EMS twice, and went back twice. My take away is that you may need a break, extended variety, but a break. Consider a LOA before quitting altogether. It has done wonders for me. I hope you can find yours. Best of luck.
  2. Indeed.com they have things like this posted several times a year.
  3. Thanks for the comments. My hope is the experience will allow me knowledge so that not everything is brand new, however, I am concerned on breaking the bad habits (not my strong point) and things I have picked up over time. As far as the clinicals go, I have never done rotation on the civilian side. Having said that, when you do service rotations do you usually stay with the same preceptor or get bounced around?
  4. I just don't know of I could do that kinda stuff lol
  5. Good luck to you as well! I'm planning on trying to stay above water by going over some acls and med dosages before it starts. Hopefully it will help
  6. Just looking for insight from those that have gone through. I'm an 8 year army medic vet and closing on 10 years as an EMT. I feel the classroom side won't be bad but what can I expect out of clinical rotation? Any surprises or do most programs keep it simple?
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows of any services, prefer private, hiring night shift part time -AEMT.
  8. How many of you go through something similar with your management? We cant get paid because you said pt walked to cot so change your narrative etc. and before long its "suggested" that you write certain things so upper management wont bring discipline down on you.
  9. Ok so I came on this side of the sight looking to see if I might stumble on some guidance but this seems like an interesting area. So I too have my issues, no clue where they came from or why. The aggression, the up and down emotions, the lack of empathy so on. Fortunately it seems that Zoloft tends to be my friend, doesnt make the issues go away but manages them. Seems the older I get the worse it becomes w/o medication.
  10. I suppose to sum it up Im leaning towards the fact that, yes, knowing what to do is part of the job, however I have seen all too often those that make it through their education only to go out into the field and be completely lost. So no, I wouldnt necessarily say its directed towards enthusiasm but more so competency. Whether you're an EMR or an ER doc the point is to e able to delivery the most accurate treatment as competently as possible and worry about nothing more than that.
  11. It was correct in its original format. I have seen plenty of those that just "do the job" and by no means does that make it ok for them to not know and be confident in the skills needed to do the job. I get your point ERDoc but we need better out of our profession....
  12. Just some personal thoughts of advice. *No matter where you go know your protocols. They will save your ass. *Dont give into pressure when dealing with a Pt. If your gut says somethings not right with your pt even if your partner says nothing is wrong, check anyway. *Seriously dont compromise your license.... mainly speaking about private services... if somethings wrong, its wrong, just this once is NOT ok....example: no o2 on a unit but supervisor pushing you to take a call *EMS is a breeding ground for drama at times. We all get sucked in at times. Just learn to dodge the majority of it *Burn out is a bitch. Learn new skills, do something, anything to keep the passion. *If your partner is a complete ass and you're miserable SPEAK UP and ask your supervisor to reassign you *If you work somewhere with good benefits, even if the pay isnt good, rethink leaving for a dollar more on the hour. Good benefits can be hard to come by *True partners have each others back. The ability to trust each other is so important I cant put it into words. *You are NOT going to save lives everyday. But by God when the time comes and a person needs you to know your s***, be able to execute
  13. Do your job....know everything you can possible know...when the day is complete let it go...when someone doubts your skill, prove them wrong. Some people believe one level of license is "better" but if you know your stuff, no matter the level, F***'em the only person who's opinion counts in the end is the patient
  14. Sounds like an egotistical ass.Things like this are reason many folks have a bad impression of what a paramedic is. Way to help improve our profession....
  15. So here in the south we do not see much in the way of ems unions, and I personally dont believe IAFF is or will ever have much to contribute to the ems side. Im curious though, if anyone has been with a union in ems that was felt to have actually made a difference? As I have ony been on the non union side Id like to hear more about it and how people get unions to represent them in their area....
  16. So i work for a private service in Tennessee. I noiced last night a few of our units had inspection stickers that say 2014-2015 next to the unit state sticker. My question is if they say 14-15 are they not expired therefore out of service?? My immediate supervisor says no however private services here arent exactly trustworthy.... anyone know for sure
  17. I have never done a recert via CEU's before, I always retake the registry. This year im trying recert bg CEU's. Does anyone know if all hours can be done online? Or do you need in person time like you do with the registry
  18. As im sure most of you can tell im rather easily heated over a variety of issues. Yet I can admit to the fact I am indeed very hot headed and an even shorter fuse, which I can also say im getting help for. I cannot sit here and say that most all of you are wromg as, honestly, you are not and thst I can also admit. Times have risen when I questioned going back into the army, but I feel I make a difference here as well. So what it comes down to once again on a different note is yes I am sure I carry added weight on my shoulders though I can truthfully say why fully.
  19. From what is sounds like to me is a group of old time paramedics that cant stand the fact that everybody doesn't have to take the same path as you have. Im damn proud to have been an army medic and if what you gentlemen have displayed here is an accurate account of most paramedics I am DAMN sure glad I am not one myself, thats one group I would not want to be associated with. Now having said that, no I dont believe a military medic can come right out to paramedic I do however see great benefits in a transition program. These men can be true leaders not the lousy crap many services have today. My final comment is to the comment made about a paramedic could do the trauma the same as a military medic. I say this, drop one in a hot zone and lets just see.
  20. So you mean to tell all the ppl who have went and gone to become military medic deserve only the bare minimum in certification when they have done things that reach into critical care levels??? The next statement made is skills w/o critical thinking...seriously, how much more critical can you get when you are under fire from every direction and a soldier is shot and has frothy sputum coming from his mouth....yet not only do I have to know how to treat him I also have to get to him while being shot at protect him, and myself....sounds to me like YOU are the one who doesn't realize what YOU dont know. Then you have the uneducated balls to say this was not an education???? You speak on us as if you are ome yet you don't even have the proper title, we are NOT medical technicians we ARE medics. Period. Yes believe it or not we are capable of understanding what we lack in order to have a successful transition to civi paramedic. Also I must address the statement of we dont have to address ongoimg medical issues and such. You really believe noone has a past medical hx? Noone is at retirement age? Allow me to educate. My last unit had a corporal with cancer. We had several ongoing wound treatments. Ptsd leads to everything from mental instability to cardiovascular complications. You should check your facts.
  21. When I went through army medic school it was comprised of a few parts. The first was your basic EMT-B course. After completing the basic course you moved on to IV and IO skills. Then respiratory to include surgical crics, needle chest decompression. Then we went through so much training on trauma....obvious reasons..... that I cant list everything we were taught. We had pharm like morphine, narcan, and things fairly similar to a paramedic just not the emphasis on cardiac due to the treatment situation usually being one of extreme duress and the need for very quick concise treatment to save the life/limb or eye sight and medevac asap. By the way thanks for your service.
  22. As I was an Army medic myself this is a subject of interest. Many of you may be aware that some local governments are beginning to put in place measures for medic veterans to transition to paramedics. Im curious to know how the ems community feels about this?? Is thos viewed as good or possibly opening the door down a dangerous path if the education isn't very closely fitting for service medics to get the proper training. IE cardiovascular....
  23. To follow the path of everyone else is to fail the goals of yourself

  24. For those that cant seem to follow my ever erratic thoughts im so sorry. Yes I have bounced around tremendously on my post, given this is my first I have ever posted here. To those who have attempted to get the point and answer the given yet random questions I have posed, thanks for the input. This was mean to be a fairly open ended not too serious conversation about the 2 sides of ems and the difference in service and care. For me, I am at this point. 911 vs private service: yes both have their pros and cons as some of you have mentioned. Yes all prrsons trained in the same field of study should he able to treat accordingly, I feel I just haven't allowed for the human factor of how different ppl react to the same situation. As fas as my thought process and the fact that I have reservations and concerns, doesnt suggest I would be respected less but possibly just maybe someone would see the fact im not trying to be seen as a know it all and am wanting the opinions of the majority and not just myself. If that is a sign of weakness in someone who cares about being a leader then its sad, how many new leaders thought they had it all figured out only to be shown the door? So yes very random points in my post but who knows whats next
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