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  1. Thank you. This has been helpful. I was able to change how I sleep no problem but I have noticed getting a routine down has not quite happened yet but I know that takes time.
  2. I can understand what you mean. I work for a private so most of my coworkers look at what we do as "just transports" one thing I keep telling myself is "what can I learn from this call? Since no 2 patients are the same even if they have the same signs and symptoms how does it differ from the other person I just had. How do or did their illness or injury affect their bodies, minds, ect" That is my way of keeping things fresh. hope that helps a little
  3. I have been doing this for 3years now (as an emt) and I work for a private company. In the last 2 months I have switched to overnights. I have noticed (especially yesterday during shift) that I have been more irritable easily offended or too critical of my partners. Luckily I have not been this way with my patients but from what I have read that seems to be the next step I dont want that. I have always wanted to do my best and do things as by the book as I can (i understand the grey areas). I still very much love what I do and taking care of people. I am afraid of getting to that point where (like many people I have seen) sadly become jaded and hate comming to work. I work all the time but I try to take off a weekend here or there to get a break. Next month will be the first real vacation I have had in 4years so I am hoping that will take the edge off. I was wondering if anyone has any advice to help me from gett ok ng completely burned out because I dont want to quit but I also know that I have made a fool of myself over the last few days when I finally noticed what was going on. Thank you
  4. Hello all. I am new to the site. I am an emt and have been for 3 years. I look forward to seeing how things work here
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