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  1. Hi, the captain of my squad recently requested that I draw a poster in honor of the EMS workers that helped out at the World Trade Center. We are based in Newark NJ, so a lot of our people were called to the scene to offer a helping hand. I'll gladly create the poster, but I'm having a little trouble coming up with a good design. Some things I think would be appropriate to incorporate are the NY skyline, perhaps an ambulance, maybe my squad's patch, the star of life, the american flag, bald eagle, and an ems worker. There are just so many things I'd like to put in and I'm having trouble coming up with something that will incorporate some or most of these things while not appearing cluttered or as a bunch of random things thrown together haphazardly. I'm sure most of you have seen the citation bar for EMS individuals that helped during 9/11. A couple of months ago, my captain asked me to create a drawing of that citation bar, but asked that I "ham up" the skyline a little bit. I also drew very tiny versions of our squad's patch and the NJ EMT patch under the skyline. I have a picture of it up on my myspace site if anyone is interested in checking it out. It may look a little weird because when I scan my drawings, they lose some quality. Also, since the drawing was larger than my scanner, I had to scan it in two sections and digitally piece them together... so it looks a little "off." www.myspace.com/flywithme2nyte It's under the blog "Artwork" and under the "Charcoals and Pastels" section. I don't do anything "half-assed," so I'd really like to spend some time coming up with a good, solid design. It is going to be 18" x 24", so I'll have a decent amount of room to work with. I know that there are a lot of creative minds out there, so I would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions, and everything you say will be taken into consideration. Thanks in advance!! - Sunita[/font:c1788719da]
  2. Hi, I'm new to EMS and I was wondering if all services require a lift test. I'm from Jersey City and plan on riding as an EMT-B somewhere in the area. I am completely confident with everything except the lifting. I'm a pretty tiny 85-90 pounds, but I can lift about 100-105. I know the requirement is 125 pounds, but I plan on just getting experience for the first year doing unpaid ride-alongs. Is there a lift requirement for just riding along? I figure I can work my way up to 125 lbs in that time frame. Thanks... - Sunita
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