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  1. When we've used them they were great. Only complaint is that they are weight based and not height based (in ye ol' America it's a problem!).
  2. In our local hospitals the trauma center uses medics in a dual role of treating patients in the ED and doing interfacility transfers. Another hospital in town uses medics strictly in the ED with a scope identical to the RNs but minus being able to be actually responsible for a patient. So in short they can do any/all procedures but cannot be the technical care giver.
  3. I don't want public regonition per say. Only to have a reputation as a profession that when I come in and give my findings and differential diagnosis of my patient I am given the benefit of the doubt instead of having to overcome the same tired assumpt that I couldn't possibly know what is wrong or have made a difference. Of course this is earned, but I want to strive to earn respect of my peers.
  4. Finals down, It's time to turn up the heat in internship

  5. I do appologize, I am SURE something similar has been asked, but I cannot find it. Maybe my search-fu is horrible? I'm an American NRP and practice in Kentucky. I hold a bachelors degree from EKU in Emergency Medical Care (Paramedic/Premed). I am not currently looking to move to Australia (or anywhere for that matter) but I am curious, what would I have to do to get licensed in your country? I know my background isn't rare but it isn't the norm either, and I know Aussies generally have their act together with paramedicine so I'd be interested in what hoops there are. Thank you!
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