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  1. How frequently do these violent tendencies occur? Can you find any statistics?
  2. Then what was your point in quoting my post...?
  3. I'm not sure we are on the same page here but I agree with you. My post was sarcasm in an effort to get the individual to see what they were saying didn't make sense.
  4. I find that most people that start anything with "I have been *insert title* for *insert number of years* " usually aren't authorities. Use your statements to guide peoples thoughts on you. Find a study that indicates significant clinical detriment as a result of IN narcan. Most (actually all) of the signs/symptoms you listed won't kill you, hypoxia will. So should diabetics not have access to their insulin? What about their family members giving them insulin?
  5. Study anatomy/physiology, biology, chemistry and any other basic sciences that interest you. Go to college and get a degree in some science while you are getting your EMT at night (its about 4 months long depending on where you go). Go to paramedic school. Your science degree with help advance you if you end up wanting to go to other professions and benefit you as a paramedic.
  6. That would make sense, wouldn't it? I've been on an ECG kick lately. This month has been "12 -lead ECG The Art of Interpretation." by Dr. Garcia
  7. So what kind of medical books are you reading this month? I try to rotate through a new book each month with a new subject thats caught my eye. What are you reading lately?
  8. I'm more curious about peoples thoughts on paramedics working as EMTs on a BLS truck.
  9. Our main event is our open house each year. Bring in a bunch of fire departments, cut up a car, showcase our services, etc. Standbys are also a great area to hand out some flyers and talk with the public about what you do. We are also starting a new program where we schedule visits with the local homes and take blood pressures for an hour or so at each place, rotating throughout the day.
  10. Rochester area Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  11. Now that we have a decent physical down we can launch a bird and start driving for a meet. Lab values?
  12. It wasn't a malicious intent, I'm welcoming debate, it helps us grow. Thats why you must take into account the whole clinical picture. Do you want a technician who says "I see picture, I stick needle" or a clinician who says "I have imaging, a physical exam and a presentation to match this diagnosis, here is my treatment." I think we all agree even if a pt has a pnemo they may not necessarily get a needle decompression.
  13. Figured since I was posting in some other topics I would introduce myself! EMT-B for about 4 years with 2 months under my belt as a new paramedic (best decision I ever made) in NY. Work for a suburban moderate call volume agency and a rural lower call volume agency. Im involved in fire as well along with the local special operations/tech rescue team. I enjoy chocolate chip cookies, long walks on the beach and looking for ways to advertise and improve EMS.
  14. I'm not sure where my post was confrontational but I apologize if it was taken that way. I accept debate and think of it was one of the best ways to research a subject and grow with it. Get to know me more than a single post and we can have an educational discussion on many things! Until then, cheers! While I agree to a degree many people will have the "new toy" stuck in their head and over use it I could say the same thing about nearly any advancement within medicine. With a solid education and quality assurance I think this can be reduced. Any while I agree the whole picture will make a
  15. "Common features in patients who are awake include universal symptoms of chest pain and respiratory distress, with tachycardia and ipsilateral decreased air entry found in 50–75% of cases." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2660039/ How comfortable are you with diagnosing a tension pnemo? Location to hospital doesn't matter if your patient requires decompression, but what if you are wrong?
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