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  1. Load and Go with ALL pt.s, period! All this crap about onscene tx. other than O2 is a boondoggle. All we do is feed the governments corporate belly for less funding driven by frivolus costs. It's about our pt.s people. No more corporate cheese.
  2. 09E

    On Top

    Suck it! :cheers:
  3. I would vomit and fake a seizure. R/O C-Spine on a dime, no indication of such. ABC's -123. If unable to intubate (GCS of eight) I would cric that bad boy.....like yesterday. B/L 14g wide open to begin with, one saline, one ringers. Cardiac monitor, 12-lead, BGL, perhaps hammer in some narcan. Drive with undo care and attention to the nearest trauma center (just in case). And that my friend is the Shiite.
  4. The person below me can blow me...... :knob:
  5. Our management insists on regular anal probing................ :ky: :bootyshake:
  6. How about grammer class? :-k
  7. Lets be fair, maybe she has a tumor growing and that would explain her hypoxia. :wav:
  8. I don't really understand why some of us Canadians come on this site, post about what EMT's can or cannot do. I.V.'s etc. , whats the point? My education and skills may differ from yours, right or wrong, but why do the EMT's get all pissy when challenged to explain their rationale for there post.
  9. After I left FDNY, I decided that paramedics were all that and a bag of chips! :3some:
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