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  1. Personally i love this piece of equip. I have always done the straps on the same side. The best call i had with the ked was an infant that fell off the change table. She fit right in and because you can wrap the sides right around it stopped any movement. You have to use zap straps instead of the ked straps in the instance. Anyways use when ever possible.

  2. Brentoli yes you can make a sign and have fun with that. As for Khanek I to know what you mean as I have had to deal with the partner that makes you go from 0 to 60 in 45 seconds. He once got in my face (I was attending) with a patient (he freaked) that had FAINTED. He decided that this pt was a code 3 and in front of the patient told me that I had to move faster. I just kept on doing what I was doing and we went to the hospital code 3. The hospital was in a uproar because the patient was fine but the doc looked at me as to say I was an idiot (dont get me wrong i can be just as stupid as the next person). I in turn told the doc to talk to my partner as he was the decision maker for the code 3 and walked out of the room and let him take that flack. When we got back to the station I created a new poop hole for him that didn't close a year. (he moved) The thing that I had to learn is that is what my unit chief is for. If you have an issue put it in writing, find out what your stations policy is on emts coming to scences when not on shift and run with it.(you bring it to the table as a safety issue)

    With every problem you have its always good to go to the table with a solution. I always tell my kids "There are always going to be people you don't like but you have to be the bigger person and deal with it" Anyways Have a great day all and remember "Saftey never takes a Holiday"

  3. to bad our partners aren't perfect and we are. one of the first things i learned in school is paramedic = pair of medics. maybe you should accually sit down with the ff and just let him or her know exactly what you expect from them. personally i love having the fire men with me as they save my back and try to help to The Best of Their Ability not mine. :D ps you can't look stupid on the radio but you can sound pretty dumb

  4. I am amazed at the amount of negative things that go on in the ems group. Maybe im blind to it as I happen to work with a great bunch of people. Our station doesn't have the problems of back stabbing ect. I know that if I have a Bad Call one of my partners is going to call or stop by just to make sure I'm okay. We always have debriefing with a unit chief who just cares about his crew. I love being a paramedic even though I was thrown into this career when my brother in law died infront of me (Death cert states "Cause of death unknown" and his whole family. On the day of his death there was NO ambulance available in our community, (it wouldn't have made a difference as he would have died anyways), we ended up with a doc and nurse on scene so the one girl who was an attendent could drive to the hospital. That was the longest day of my life and it had a crappy ending in more ways then one. After this day my friends who were paramedics said i would be good at it and arranged for all my training and babysitting (its good to have friends who believe in you befor you believe in yourself) Anyways how has this career changed me. I don't think it changed me but made think and learn in different ways. I think that I'm a better person as I now understand as said before that things are not always black or white and the grey in between is dispatch. I've learned that when i arrive at a scene it isn't always going to be what dispatch said it was, I'v learned that children behave much better than alot of adults when they are hurt (they will listen to you), I'v learned that there is always going to be some family member who says "What took you so long" and I will always have the answer for them after the call is complete, I'v learned even if they are a frequent flyer one day it will be real, I'v learned that I can and do think outside of the box, I'v learned that just because the nurse hasn't stopped what she/he is doing that they aren't listening, Iv learned that doctors do say thank-you, I'v learned that I need to always take time for me (I refuse to work on sundays if at all possible), I'v learned that even if my family can't understand why I do this job someone will be out warming up my truck when my pager goes off (and it always goes off at 10 min befor the family dinner is to be served) and my plate of food will be waiting in the oven for me, I'v learned many different ways to extracate pts from homes that are not ambulace friendly, Iv learned that the VFD is my best friend and I always say thank-you for comming to the scene so I don't hurt my back, I'v learned that I do this job for my community and even if I don't get a thank-you everytime I have helped someone I am appreciated. I do get burnt out, I cry, I laugh but I also know that I love my job and on the day that I don't I will quit. Anyone who does this job with out personal satisfaction should find a new career. Remember learning is our biggest asset to our profession and learing lifes lessons is the biggest asset to ourselves.


  5. I love the KED and use it as much as possible. My rule of thumb with this equipment is if the patient is stable then the KED is appropriate, if unstable the back board or clamshell is used. Iv also use the ked on stable chidren they fit in it great and they like the secure feeling they get by being wrapped up in it. hope this helps

  6. At the riding club find someone who can fall off a horse safely. arrange for the local ambulance to respond to a mock riding accident. it would be a good test for them and the kids will see first hand at what paramedics do in those situations. make sure there is alot of screaming ect for effect. maybe use someone they don't know and never tell the kids it was fake. it will stay in their minds forever.


    ps a helmet saved my life at 10 when my foot got stuck in the stirup and i was dragged for awhile. and yes my mother made me get right back on.

  7. One of my first calls in my community was a gunshot to the head. The guy survived and is doing well to this day. When I was paged out I didn't have a clue to what I was responding to and an extra paramedic just happen to come along incase we need help (thank god) I didn't touch the pt but I did fall down the stairs, dropped the streacher, and just about dropped the spine board on the pt. Thank god nobody said bad things to me and just said stop running and take a breath if you need to it only takes seconds to do that. oh and make sure your boots are tied up. You will have those calls that make you dout yourself through your whole carrer not just at the beginning and a good thing to start doing is talking to your partner about the call at the station and ask yourself if there was anything you could have done different. Paramedic= A Pair of Medics you will always have a partner and if they are any good they will guide you through if your stuck. Oh ya Nobody ever dies in an ambulance they are either already dead or they die at the hospital. Good luck in your future career and just stop to take that breath.


  8. Okay here goes my opinion if this was my call i wouldn't use a traction splint. This is how I would have handled this call. First i can't figure out how the femur can twist as the pt is being loaded. I would have packaged this pt with a blanket between the legs and then use zap straps at the hips above the knees (if they are not going to cover the injury) or below the knees and at the ankles. Then i would use the clam shell or a back board to place the pt onto the stretcher. If the discription of the femur twisting like taffy is a true statement that would tell me that the bone would be shattered and the traction splint wouldn't be of any benifit because it wouldn't create any stability and wouldn't relieve any pain. Infection is going to be an issue from the gunshot not from the open fracture being reduced. This is just my opinion and it isn't a stupid question it made me think of what I would do wrong or right


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