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  1. Yikes ... I am way out in the bush, it has just rained about an inch on top of 2 feet of snow and they are calling for a winter storm.

  2. cant belive that Dwayne passed up commenting on the Fact thread :(

  3. Chat People. Use it.

  4. ANNIE Squint is picking on me again, since he is in your province go beat him up for me please!!!!!!!!!

  5. DAMIT Squint take back your cold and snow :(

  6. DAMIT Squint take back your cold and snow :(

  7. EWWWWWW is all I can say

  8. Almost every New Years Day I get retold "You cant fix STUPID"

  9. Dam teenagers are germy things

  10. I hate the "Holidays". All of them. In fact, I've hated 2007-2010, as well. If I could be sedated till X-Mas is over, I would.

  11. Oh Gawd.. I am never drinking again..

  12. Is there such thing as a speechless female?

  13. Everything in EMS is getting lighter except the patients

  14. Don't forget to unplug the ambulance before leaving the bay or else you will show up on scene with the extension cord hanging off the side of the ambulance! OOPS!!!

  15. Has anyone else noticed that our world scientist look crazy

  16. This week just gets worse and worse.

  17. Can someone explain to me why when you fall on you ass it hurts the next day, shouldn't it hurt when you do it in the first place

  18. Any body else having issues with not being notified of new message, but getting notified of old messages as if they're new? Also not getting notified of your prescribed post replies?

  19. yahoooooo its friday again everyone enjoy their weekend

  20. I think I am about to get banned....


  22. is all freaked out because my partner says he hears footsteps on our station roof at 0100...who says things like that???!!!! Now how am I supposed to sleep? I will get him back soon!

  23. Yummm Halibut with Bernies and Dungeness Crab sause, for dinner tonight

  24. is wishing you all a happy hump day

  25. why is my reputation -1?

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