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  1. I have had a pt lately that when he was 12 was kicked in the back from a horse. He had core of the herniaded disc removed (dont know if that is the same thing but sounds like it) He said that the reason for that particular surgery was to release the pressure on the siatic nerve. He has to do a very regimented stretching sched every morning but he has said the pain is bearable. He is 50 now but the reason for him calling us is that he has been experiencing alot of pain, but it seems to be more from aging with that injury.

    good luck and if you want I can go ask him for more specific information he is 2 min away from me

  2. So first of all you are the one incharge of your body. I think if you want more taken out like the first guy said then say that. Next I would assume they would check your lymph nodes closes to the lump and that will tell them if the cancer has spread through that as they are the first line of defence. Quit googling it will drive your nuts, your mental health is just as important. Here is a story from years ago

    Private: Brain ca. Given 6 weeks to live. He went through all the treatments and surgeries. He also said that he was going to be around for his kids and family. He lived.

    General: Skin ca. Told it was treatable but because he focused on the word Cancer and thought he was going to die. He did 6 months later.

    Take the high road and keep saying to yourself that you are going to be fine :)

    take care


  3. I have 3 of them and I just did it because. The one i really luv is the three roses. Each rose has a heart shape peddle with my boys initals in them. The tattoos from long ago (my dad had a few from the navy)are not the same quality they are today. Most people like gypsy and I have them on areas that can be easily hidden if needed. My Husband has one on his forarm as a memorial to his late brother (its a Haida Eagle) my youngest son has 2 and is getting another one and again they are in places that are easily hidden if need be.

    I think they can bring alot of confidence in a person and with the art that is comming out of tattoo parlors these days they can be amazing. Now I really dont understand people that do them from head to toe or in areas that on your mother and spouse should see but to each their own.

    Good job gypsy

  4. Yep thats what happens but there are good ones out there. But in British Columbia the Liberals got in and closed down the mental institutions and let go on the streets so I guess I could say it could be worst. It is very heart breaking to watch the lack of justice in this world but one thing you should keep in mind is pick your battles and you wont win them all but you will win some and those will be the ones that count.

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