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  1. Happiness
    I dont normally dwell on the death of my pts but in this case I just have to say RIP Phylis.

    She was a remarkable pt. She never once complained about her treatments and when ever I had to deal with her she always had a smile and a thank-you in the end. You know you have the best pt in the world when you go into visit and the nurses are huddled together with straws to see who was going to get her that shift.

    This lady always had a sense of humor no matter what was going on. She coined the new medical condition of "Tit Lash" and for those who are trying to figure that out it goes like this. Phylis what do you think the pain is in your chest? She states she has Tit Lash. Ok Phylis can you explain that to me. Well you know my daughter Laura drives way to fast and I was in the car with her one day, we were going around the corner so fast that my body went left and my tits went right. Now you have to undstand that this comming out of the mouth of a 73 yr old woman is very unexpected. I couldn't stop laughing with her, I had tears down my face and I had to put my glasses on top of my head. Minutes later as Im trying to compose myself I started to look for my glasses. Phylis asks what I'm looking for and I replied my glasses. She's says come here, so I do and she gently takes them off of my head and hands them to me saying "dont worry dear we all loose our glasses there" I now have an idiot string on my glasses.

    Phylis passed away peacefully from lung ca on wed with her 8 children, and multiple grand and great grand children
  2. Happiness
    Well as a few of you know i have been on a family vacation. We started off with a SE gale that had the potential of making the ferry not go on time but there was a break in the weather so off we went the Griswalds. We had decided to take the inside passage (a 16 hr trip). First we get to our room and off course our TV didnt work but then Hubby said you know i think my gall bladder is starting to act up. 8 hrs into the sailing he had 8/10 pain and we spent 6 hrs in the first aid room until it subsided enough to not warrent an ambulance to meet us at the terminal. We went to the hospital were they gave him a few drugs that helped. So off we go and start to go to our first destination so hubby can pick up his new car and we had a good meal. Two days later he is in the hospital having his gall bladder removed but the liver and pancrious are swollen so they may open him up and close then tell him to come back in a month ya like that was going to happen. I just got back from the hospital and he is not a happy camper i guess the sleepy stuff didn't agree with him so he is feels barfy and grumpy. One thing I couldnt beleve is through the last few days they are saying me his wife can visit him during visiting hrs ya like that is going to happen i will be there early in the morning. Well we are 6 days into our holiday if i have a chance to get back on i will let you know about our next adventure.
  3. Happiness
    You try to be a happy camper and you almost get there THEN some other incedent will raise its ugly head.

    My friend that just had the esphoageal cancer surgery is now in the hospital waiting for his younger brother(who I learned how to commercial fish with) to come out of emergency heart surgery.

    36 hrs ago he was out on the fishing grounds when he started to have chest pain. He started towards port and couldn't wait so the coast guard meet them and then transported him the rest of the way. He was then transfered and had OR time booked for 10:00 pm but the the medivac couldn't get him there fast enough. Apperently in the original hospital they couldn't get the clot to disolve so there it has sat causing more damage to his heart. He dosnt have the greatest life style as he smokes and parties on and on top alot of stress from the ex-wife. I just hope he pulls through it all deep down hes a good man that has 2 boys that need him in their life.

    Everything seems to happen all at once and then becomes very overwelming.
  4. Happiness
    Well I guess this is an update to my vent.

    Friend #1 had her commitment ceremony with her soul mate last night. I missed it because I had to attend an AGM meeting. She has decided to eat everthing that she can get her teeth onto. So she has gained some weight and is looking better that last week. She has a good attitute and good freinds around her. The sad thing is that she is on steriods that are keeping the tumors at bay (she has 5 that are growing on top of eachother) but Im sure that will come to an end. All you can hope for is no suffering.

    Friend #2 has found out the cancer has made it to her lymph nodes. Next week she will go to the Dr. and discuss the treatments that she will be available for her. She is on the fence about chemo but said that she will have an open mind on everything. She has had her pity party and now is on her way to having the attitude we have come to love.

    Friend # 3 has found out the cancer is in his lymph nodes also. I just cant believe that the Dr decided it would be a good idea to tell his wife as she is getting off of the elevator, and then said well people dont live more then 5 years once its in the node. This is probably a pretty true statement but one would think the Dr. would have had a private conversation. He will be on his way home next week and has decided that he will try chemo.

    It is amazing to me that the above 3 have had very healthy lifestyles and they are the ones in this situation and you see the ones that live for ever and they smoke drink and do what ever the hell they want. I guess god just takes ya when he/she wants, ya my luck im seeing a bus just before i go.

    Well Im still trying to be cheery and happy but it sure is a hard thing to do.

    take care all
  5. Happiness
    Well just need to have alittle vent and hope my friends here can say some prayers for some people that are close to me.

    First friend
    As some of you know last year I finally got Married and had the ceremony of a lifetime and a great party after. Our friends and family were a part of it all. One set of friends were there and when they looked into eachothers eyes you could see love in its purest form. 3 days later the girl is in the hospital with abdominal pain, bloating and nausia. So off she goes to see the out of town Dr. and low and behold she has ovarian cancer. She had surgery right away and the Dr said she thought she had gotten about 95% of the cancer. She was also informed that if she completed chemo she would be given 2 years and if not 6 months. She chose not to have Chemo. Now alot of people had issues with that but I think she chose to live the rest of her life as healthy as possible and not sick from the Chemo. Last week she was skipping with another friend and today she is bed ridden and ready to come home to die. She is 41 years old with a partner and no children.

    Second Friend
    As of Monday she had a double masectomy. She found out 2 weeks ago that she did indeed have breast cancer and that it may have spread to the lymph nodes. She has had a great attitude from the beginning and made sure that the doctors were very aware of what her treatment was going to be and that they were going to do what she wanted. Her mother died of breast cancer and she was horrified at the condition of her mother when she went the radiation and chemo route. So when her mom did die she said to herself if I am the one to get cancer I will go as radical as I can. She texted me when she was getting a second opinion that they thought that the cancer was in lymph nodes and was informed that they really dont know until they remove some of them when they do the surgery. She is going to do chemo and everything she can to be a survivor. Like I said she is a Trooper and I really try not to dig her grave in my head. She is 40 years old with 3 children.

    Third Friend
    About 4 weeks ago he came home from a dentist appointment where he just happened to mention that he was having a hard time swollowing and from there off to the doc he went. He then told my hubby that he had esophogeal cancer and that is why he is vomiting and unable to swollow. I went to find out more about this cancer and from the mayo website it said that only about 5% of patients make it 5 years. He also has a great attitude and feels that he is going to beat it and live happily ever after. On the 7th he is going to have surgery to remove his esophegous and he has also decided not to have chemo before or after the surgery. He is 52 years old with a wife (who caters to him and loves him dearly) he has children and grand children.

    I know that people get sick and pass away but its looking like I may loose some good friends in the next year. Some days are just like that I guess.

  6. Happiness
    Well friend #1 has 2 weeks for this world. She is trying to be so strong for those around her and she has now realized within herself that this is the end for her life as she knows it. Now with this said my goal for the rest of my life is to just try and have a good day everyday. As I watched her partner take care of her yesterday all I could see is true love from him. Im not to concerned about her as much as I am for him and I hope that he takes all the help from his friends and loved ones.

    Friend #2 got home today and came to see me. She looks fabulous. I cant believe how far surgery has gone from just 10 years ago. I always thought that when you have a masectomy they just lobed them off. She discribed the proceedure to me as they remove the nipple and take a mellon baller type of instument and scoop out the breast. I have to admit I was so surprized that she just had a few pieces of clear tape over the incissions. We were both expecting the bride of frankenstien surgery. Now the next hurddle is to get the results of the lymph node biopsy.

    Friend #3 is on his way to his surgery on the 7th but he is starting to sound weak. This cancer is so aggressive, you just dont know what to think. He says the cancer hasn't spread but from everything I have read esophegeal cancer is normally not found until the late stages and therefor is usually not curable but is treatable what ever that means. He is a good guy deep down and our community will be loosing a real character.

    Well that is the end of todays vent and off I go to have a BBQ with good freinds and family.

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