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  1. i am now happy i saved 12 grand not going to northeastern for my medic all jokes aside alot of my friends are in that class when they come home have to find out so of the stories
  2. I am sadden to report that this morning a brother Firefight and brother Marine died this am in Texas with his family. FF Mastropiero was a Call FF/EMT for Pelham NH Fire Dept. FF Mastropiero was visiting with his family in Texas and died of a heart attack yesturday please keep my brother and his family in your prayers. Services have not been arranged at this time
  3. first of all i really don't care i am not not english teacher second my spelling and grammar doesn't effect any of the jobs i do you can sit back in the rear while people like me were up front in the theater and doctors are the last to talk about writing have you ever read some of there writing ya my writing sux but i am able to fight fire treat my pt's and i was able to support and defend my country any one with a problem with that i will challenge you to any of my skills i am sorry i suc at grammar and spelling but i have had a head injury and a torn acl defending my beloved country so buzz
  4. Armed at home and in the car still tryin to get my boss and my fire chief to let me carry my m4 at both my jobs no luck yet and to my defence i have been shot at twice in in 6 yrs will runing on the white taxi
  5. i hear you i take the test on june 28 and real nervous good luck
  6. You will either like the job or hate it you have to somewhat not all there to do this job me i love going to f ed up call like cool dead people well good luck
  7. i want to know where those damn dispatcher fall in so students are better then them there only 2 medic i hate 1 is fat and has to prove you wrong evan if your not the other is hitler aka leperchan who useless he runs something over on his way to a call it going to suc me just to get them going i like the why game thats just my 2 cents
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