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  1. im looking to get in a little better shape and was curious if anyone has found and is doing or seen a work out specifically tailored to bettering on the job performance? If i remember right EMS1 did a little workout demo at an expo they had, but at the moment i am on my ipad and can't watch flash so i couldn't tell you for sure. what are you guys doing to make lifting the stretcher, draw sheeting patients, general health, and endurance better?
  2. @ERDoc thanks for your responses they were fun to read..... i am gonna have to use your response to my number 2 question just to mess with new guys lol.
  3. what mike and mikey said is spot on, the best advice I can give is follow what they said.
  4. EMT: "So why are we taking you over to this psychiatric facility?" PT: "I downed an entire bottle of tylenol" EMT: (rolling eyes)........ "well there went your last headache"
  5. Hello everyone! Im an Arkansas EMT-B working for an EMS service that does both IFT and emergency. I'm starting my training to be come a paramedic and am constantly trying to learn new things that may or may not be necessarily medical, things like body language, micro expressions, fishing, fixing cars etc. Well thats a little bit about me, give me some info on you and lets network!
  6. Welcome to the city! I am new here as well, im an arkanasas EMT-B and training to be a medic. I hope this post finds you with a job on an EMS job.
  7. LMAO. the first one was serious, the other 6 were just to poke at people and see what kind of response's you guys would give lol. The emt question seriously happened, but I kindly helped him to answer his own question that you both more or less saw right off the bat like I did. Which was "why are you giving a painful stimuli to a person that is conscious?" When ever I am doing IFT's which is a 24 hour shift I have times were I really get stressed because its so boringly busy. If that makes any kind of weird sense..... IDK I have talked to other people who have worked the shift and they agree with me that for some weird reason the IFT 24 hour shift is stress producing.
  8. Like the title says I have somethings that I need to get off my chest and get answers to. I am going to list them in numerical fashion so that they are easier for you guys to answer, and well..... here it goes. 1. For those that have done IFT and emergency calls, I have found that I feel more stress on the IFT side then I do on the emergency side have you guys found this as well? 2. A newer EMT asked me this and I was not really sure how to answer him without sounding like I have no soul LMAO! His question was "How do i give a conscious person a painful stimuli when I'm trying to establish there GCS on a IFT and not feel bad about it?" 3. When you work at a service like most others I assume, that has a shit ton of gossip flying around how do you go about making the best name for your self? 4. Over the years I was fortunate and unfortunate enough to work some jobs that have now turned me into an hour churning machine and a person not scared of hard work. I am use to doing a minimum of 60 hours a week and feel lazy when I don't, But have noticed i am getting a little tired of being one of the few that seems to being picking up extra shifts while others lounge. What should i do? 5. Why is it that my favorite food item when I'm working on the ambulance is ice cream and slushes? 6. When people asked me how I liked working my first code and I told them it was "exhilarating, made me feel alive, and I would be ready to do another code right then" they kind of looked at me like was crazy. So.... am I? and finally my last..... 7. If your partner farts in the truck and its a SBD (silent but deadly) and he locked the windows so you couldn't get away from it. What would you do to get him back? Well thanks for answering any of these questions or all of them and I look forward to seeing your answers.
  9. the ritz carlton bit you put up was pretty funny! But to answer your question at the service that I work for we do both IFT and Emergency. There is one station that we have here, that is constantly in need of pillows or blankets while we have other stations that do not seem to have this problem of doing the 1 for 1 change out with the local hospital. I have asked the same question you did about why people are having so many issues getting pillows and was told that it is a two fold problem. I don't remember the exact answer I was told and don't want to tell you wrong. But I do know that hospitals are getting tired of having to keep filling a tank (restocking the pillow supply) with a leak that shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Personally i think the pillows hospitals provide is a nothing more then a vinyl/thick plastic pillow shape casing filled with Walmart bags or something along those lines they are not comfortable at all.
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