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  1. Not sure whether to laugh or cry... I'm sure that will be true soon enough. For regular its only 3.40ish here, but as Memorial Day approaches I'm afraid of what is going to happen to that value. -skibum
  2. For the guys, howabout a model of "Six" (Tricia Helfer) from Battlestar Galactica? She's already a robot... -skibum
  3. Garfield.... what's not to love. Lasagna and laziness
  4. Hi Richard, I didn't see your questions answered yet (maybe I missed it, I just skimmed) Yes, essentially Alpine is downhill skiing, and cross country is just that. Technically, it is different equipment and different skiing styles, but as far as what they are, there you go. In the context of this thread, I believe this is what you are looking for: Tyrolean Traverse To save you from going there, in a nutshell this is a method of using ropes to traverse steep pitches. In other news for the ski patrollers here, I passed my senior EMM 2 weeks ago. My patrol director peer pressur
  5. In an effort to reincarnate this thread (as discussed earlier)... How's the ski season shaping up around the northern hemisphere? Personally, here in lower NY State, my mountain opened the weekend of Nov 17 with conditions much better than anticipated. And opening day we had a major accident with numerous fractures and head injuries (snowboarder vs. tree). But for the most part it's looking like a pretty promising ski season. Ski safe. -skibum
  6. Hammer- I PM'd you the link. Also note, with the setup on here for the youtube embedding, it automagically puts a link right below the embedded clip. Here's another site you might be interested in, being an avid outdoorsman: www.steepandcheap.com I've found lots of neat things there, including skis that are probably cheaper than you could get pro-form. -skibum
  7. Just remember your ABCs and you'll do fine! Good luck
  8. Found this today. A pretty interesting perspective on the training in ski patrol.
  9. That's where working for the Mountain comes in handy. I've got a friend in ski school that's going to take my little one on.
  10. Sounds good... This is the mountain I patrol at: Belleayre Mountain It's nothing that big or unique, but it's the closest to where I live and work. I've been an alpine patroller here going into my 5th year, its been fun and I've learned alot. I can't wait for the season to start! And hopefully next year I'll be able to get my son out on the slopes, he'll be 2 by then. I think this year will be wishful thinking :wink:
  11. Volunteer BLS Ski Patroller here. I spend my time at Belleayre Mountain here in the NY Catskills. Where are you? Volunteer or Pro? -skibum
  12. I whole-heartedly agree (my wife has also served in Iraq), which is yet another reason I am obviously pushing to display the flag; and the issue of taking the flag in at night was discussed, and dismissed as "too much work". Being volunteer, and not having someone at the building every morning or evening, this was quickly dismissed because no one wanted this responsibility. This particular point I have to agree with, speaking for myself, I couldn't volunteer to do this either. I opt for the light.
  13. OK, so this is more of a rant than anything else; and I'd like to see what people have to say for/against what I am about to bring up: Background: My volunteer squad building has recently been renovated and had an addition built on. In this process, the light that was used to display our American Flag at night was removed. Discussion: At my squad's monthly meeting yesterday, one of the members brought up the topic that we are no longer properly displaying the flag (since it is no longer lit up at night). One of our officers actually became quite argumentative in the discussion that
  14. Cap'n Jude Bloodbath Sounds like I should be IC at the next MCI
  15. I think this sort of thing happens more often than we know. Its really unfortunate that in this day and age, you have to question the authenticity of an individual identifying themselves as a police officer. -skibum
  16. Need to get a Heavy Rescue in there with a very agressive driver and big push bumper to plow the way :wink:
  17. I think that is great! =D> They should have a disclaimer: "we don't *think* any squirrels were harmed in the making of this video :wink:
  18. Note to self: don't get 'hurt' in Australia :wink:
  19. I agree with JPINFV, for me, especially in lower NY I have found that people don't care about anyone else while they are behind the wheel of their POV. Its rare in this part of the state to have someone "wave" you on when you get to 4-way stop at the same time. It seems that everyone is out for themselves and there is no 'second place' so to speak. And as JPINFV said, when there are so many people like that, there will be people that drive the ambulance like that too. [We have a few in my own squad, officers not excluded]. Its tragic, but I witnessed an ambulance accident not too lo
  20. Thats great Howabout the best oxymoron: "Microsoft works". (or is that too geeky?) -skibum
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