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  1. hmm Thanks. I tried to search some information online for the SWAT team in my area but couldn't find any information. I might need to just go talk to the Sherifs office to get more information. Since I'm almost done with my EMT-B, in the mean time I'm just going to go ahead at get my AEMT. Couldn't hurt.
  2. I was hoping someone could give me a sort of guideline on how to get into the SWAT team as a tactical medic. I've heard different things from people and now am unsure of what to do. My original plan was to do AEMT and get my Paramedic degree. Then put in years of experience and go from there. I talked to a Paramedic a couple day ago and he suggest I just get my EMT-B, which I'm almost done with, I just have to wait on Nationals, and then get into the Police Academy and go that route instead to put years experience as a police officer. At this point, since there is not a lot of information out there, I don't know how I would go about this. I want to be a medic, but I also want to be apart of the SWAT team. Point being is that I want to be on SWAT team some day. I know I will be competing with a lot of people, etc etc. Since I am by no means in any physical shape right now to go to the Police Academy anytime soon, my plan is this so far. Next semester start my AEMT and training for the Police Academy so that hopefully sometime next year, around this time, I can get into the Police Academy. Any suggestions, ideas? Thanks for any help. I really do appreciate it.
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