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  1. Thanks Mike (: I found a Medical Reserve Corps unit nearby me. They take Non-Medical Volunteers. They do a lot of Event First Aid. So hopefully I can get in (;
  2. Hey Guys! Im Jay. I'm 13 and interested in FD/EMS and emergency medicine. I have BLS for Healthcare Providers and First Aid from AHA. I am probably way too young to take EMT-B nor do I have the time (School, Sports, Friends). So the First Responder course caught my eye. Around 24-40 hours around where I live. Nothing too invasive (no meds ect.). Does anyone know any in the Boston area? There are hard to find considering that the Police always do it in the academy. And all the FD's have to be at least basics. I'm looking for some Volunteer Opportunities in my area. Unfortunately after a town me
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